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pull-hid Pull streams for interfacing with HID devices

pull-observable observable as a pull-stream source to take advantage of existing throughs and sinks

pull-portal Pull streams for the skyportal

pull-sse Server-sent events magic for pull-streams

pull-tobits pull-stream throughs for manipulating (splitting, etc) buffers

rant Loud and obnoxious presentations designed to get your point across

ratchet CSS3 Transform Parsers and Generator

recipe Web Component Recipe Helpers

registry Experimental namespaced IoC container

replimate CouchDB (using _replicator db) replication helpers

reporter Event Interceptor designed for taking common action in response to object events

resolveme findme resolver for node

rigger Javascript file parser and include engine

rigger-browserify Rigger plugin to support the //=browserify instruction

rigger-collate Rigger plugin for collating separate text files into a single JS object

rigger-require Rigger plugin to support the //=require instruction

routerules Web Framework Agnostic Textual URL Route Definition

rtc Cross-browser WebRTC helpers

rtc-audio Draw audio waveform to a canvas using the Web Audio API

rtc-audioproc Draw audio waveform to a canvas using the Web Audio API

rtc-bufferedchannel Wraps a core browser RTCDataChannel with a buffering layer to ensure data channel send limits are observed

rtc-canvas Draw video frames to a canvas and analyse / modify pixel data

rtc-captureconfig Simple string definition -> WebRTC constraints

rtc-core Core definitions and functions for the suite

rtc-dcstream Streams interface for the WebRTC data channel

rtc-filter-grayscale Grayscale video processing filter for rtc-videoproc

rtc-glue A simple library for writing WebRTC applications an in HTML-centric way

rtc-janus Node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC gateway

rtc-media A simple getUserMedia wrapper

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

rtc-negotiator Node streams compatible peer connection negotiator

rtc-quickconnect Create a WebRTC connection in record time

rtc-sdp utility module for patching (munging) SDP

rtc-sharedcursor WebRTC P2P Shared Cursor Implementation via Data Channels (requires rtc-quickconnect)

rtc-signaller transportless signalling for WebRTC

rtc-signaller-ws WebRTC signalling using pure websockets for peer handshaking

rtc-switchboard Signalling for rtc-io components using primus

rtc-videoproc Draw video frames to a canvas and analyse / modify pixel data

scaffolder Helpers for making apps that scaffold stuff

sdp-lines SDP in-place line modification library

shape Simple 2D shape generators

sharedconfig Shared Configuration Interface using CouchDB as a backend

shazam Vanquish your foes with crazy JS authored presentations

simkey Cross browser compatible KeyboardEvent dispatcher

skelesense Kinect (OpenNI) Skeleton Data Collector for Node

skyportal A usb interface to a particular rfid reader / writer

smoke JS Build Tool

sniff JS Type and Prototype Sniffing

sourcecat Concatenate the source files of a project

spritey Browserify friendly sprite loader compatible with BrowserQuest sprite format

squirrel A furry little helper for dealing with optional NPM dependencies

steelmesh CouchDB distribution and management of Node.js applications

steelmesh-cli Command line tools for working with a steelmesh installation

steelmesh-loader JavaScript application loader logic

strcmp String Comparison Functions

streamclean Remove unwanted lines from a stream

stylar Cross Browser CSS Style Helper

stylify browserify v2 plugin for stylus

supercomfy Lightweight CouchDB client built on superagent

taskify Simple Atomic Task Definition for Node and the Browser

testcli Command line application testing helpers

testparty Multi-browser coordinated testing powered by testling

testrest REST API Testing Helpers (designed for use with Mocha)

timelord JS duration functions and parser, focused on ISO8601 format

tube Experimental Resource Loader implementing using Server Sent Events

unistroke Algorithmically equivalent but more Javascripty version of the Washington $1 Unistroke Regognizer

urlish A string parser that determines if something is url-like

versionit Version manage all the things

voyeur server monitoring collection agents

watchdog Monitored multi-process servers

wfs WFS (Web Feature Service) client for node

whisk Functional operation helpers (underscore-like) for working with map, filter, reduce, etc

wildcard Wildcard matching tools

worx BlackBerry Webworks Dev Helper

xmlslicer Advanced XML Splitting and JSON conversion tools

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