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check_couchdb Nagios checker for couchdb

checkip Get's your current IP address (if behind a NAT).

cpr cp -R

cssproc CSS URL processor

davargs The args processor davglass uses in his CLI tools

davlog The logger davglass uses in his CLI tools

dust-helper-intl dust helpers for internationalization

echoecho Simple testing echo responses to HTTP requests

express-extras ExpressJS Helpers

express-session-mongo MongoDB Session Store for ExpressJS

express-yui-serve Serving YUI from express as middleware

format-package-json Format package.json based on the current one

fs-lock open_basedir and file_accessdir for Node

getrusage C++ Port of Unix getrusage for getting cputime, usertime and other process information

git-travis Git sub command to show travis status

grover PhantomJS wrapper for YUITest

grunt-yui-contrib YUI Build Tasks

handlebars-helper-intl handlebars helpers for internationalization

httpmetrics HTTP monkey-patching to insert metrics to each http call

intl-messageformat implementation of the ECMA 402 proposal for MessageFormat

lcov-parse Parse lcov results files and return JSON

license-checker Check license info for a pacakge

limits Sets the limit to upload size and processing time for incoming and outgoing requests.

lsof List open file descriptors for your node process

mod_status mod_status for Node

mod_statuspage mod_statuspage for Node

monitr Node process monitoring tool

nodester-api A library to interact with Nodester

nodester-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

normalize-license Normalize package.json license info

npmlog-stub npmlog stub functions

prettysize Convert bytes to other sizes for prettier logging

process-watcher Monitors nodejs processes for endless loops and other abnormal behaviours and kills it.

selenium-grid-status Fetch available browsers from a Selenium grid

selleck Generator for YUI's Handlebars-based user documentation.

shifter New YUI build tool based on Gearjs, so let's shift some gears

spark2 A more powerful node server starter - Fork of the original

timethat print time from one date to another

vagrant Vagrant CLI wrapper

wiky.js Wiki text parser

ycssmin CSS Minification from YUICompressor

yogi YUI Or Gallery Interface (CLI to YUI and Gallery development)

yuglify cli wrapper for uglify and cssmin used by YUI

yui YUI 3 Source

yui-cli YUI file combiner

yui-coverage Express server to serve YUI test coverage files for faster development.

yui-devtools Combo package of useful YUI dev time tools

yui-lint Default JSHint rules used by YUI in its various packages

yui-local YUI Local Combo Handler

yui-repl YUI 3 Powered REPL

yui3 YUI 3 Library on NodeJS

yui3-bare YUI 3 Library on NodeJS - Bare - No Dependencies - Only install if you know what you are doing.

yui3-base YUI 3 Library on NodeJS - Base - Includes yui3-core dependency - NO DOM SUPPORT

yui3-core YUI 3 Source

yui3-gallery YUI 3 Gallery

yuicompressor YUICompressor CLI and Node.js require

yuidocjs YUIDoc, YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine.

yuitest YUI Test Library on NodeJS

yuitest-coverage Node.js wrapper for yuitest-coverage java package

zipcodes Useful zipcode database with helper methods

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