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buffered-stream A writable and readable stream with bufferisation

connect-coffee-script Simple connect middleware to serve CoffeeScript files

connect-dojo Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit

csv CSV parser with simple api, full of options and tested against large datasets.

csv-generate CSV and object generation implementing the Node.js `stream.Readable` API

csv-parse CSV parsing implementing the Node.js `stream.Transform` API

csv-stringify CSV stringifier implementing the Node.js `stream.Transform` API

docgen Generate documentation from markdown comments in your source code

each Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function

famas Module execution engine for cluster deployment

gsl GNU Scientific Library for NodeJS.

hadoop The HTTP REST API supports the complete FileSystem interface for HDFS

hbase HBase client using the REST connector

heco Hadoop Ecosystem

http-status Interact with HTTP status code

masson Module execution engine for cluster deployments.

mecano Common functions for system deployment.

mkpkg Make new Node.js packages easy.

mutate Object transformations implementing the Node.js `stream.Transform` API

pad Left and right string padding

parameters Command line arguments parser and stringifier

phyla Hadoop deployment made easy: HA and Kerberos secured cluster in 1 command

printf Full implementation of the `printf` family in pure JS.

produce CSV and object generation implementing the Node.js `stream.Readable` API

ron Redis ORM for NodeJs.

shell Full features and pretty console applications

shell-http-forever Start and stop an HTTP server using forever

sigar Sigar binding for Node.js

ssh2-connect Callback-based api behind ssh2 to open an SSH connection

ssh2-exec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

ssh2-fs Transparent use of the `fs` module locally or over SSH

ssh2-they Extends Mocha with the function `they` to transparently run tests in local and ssh mode

superexec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

thrift-hive Hive client using the Apache Thrift RPC system

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