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async-waitfor Wait for something to happen and then do it.

auto-invoice Script that makes invoices.

autoprint New (working) version of autoprint in JavaScript.

bcbf (B)ar(C)ode (B)rute (F)orce

bcclient BarCode Client

bcserver BarCode Server

bitfactory Lightweight JavaScript make.

bor A fast async JavaScript pre-processor.

cash.js Transaction safe currency object for JavaScript.

cbpipe CallBack pipe.

coffeeshop CoffeeShop full stack.. just got better.

curlthis grabs predetermined stuff from the internet

dax-js-rot13 daXXog's javascript rot13

flag-back waitfor -- everything. cbpipe + async-waitfor

imap-message-stream Use with node-imap's ImapMessage. Pipe like a pro.

npm-builder Stop the copy paste madness. Set up your repo with one command.

pagecalc Simple javascript library for paging calculations.

ppclient (P)df (P)rint (CLIENT)

ppserver (P)df (P)rint (SERVER)

pro-dev Boilerplate builder for hybrid production/development servers.

prosess ProSessions.

redis-ring A node_redis wrapper that adds node-hash-ring support.

sandy-hook A hook builder for the nodejs vm.

stoptime A basic stop watch timing object for JavaScript.

str-allow Filter string characters.

switch-factory Functions that build switch functions.


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