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ali-oss aliyun oss(open storage service) node client

auto-correct auto correct for command line tools

autod auto generate dependencies

back-to-thunk transform generator, generatorFunction, promise and other yieldables back to thunk

cao combine useful flow tools with co

cirouter A PHP CI like router for node(connect or http)

cnpm cnpm: npm client for Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

co-any Execute thunks in parallel and return after any of them return

co-gather Execute thunks in parallel with concurrency support and gather all the results

co-github co wrapper for node github api

co-urllib co version of urllib

connect-mredis Redis session store for Connect

connect-tbsession connect/express session middleware for taobao

copy-to copy an object's properties to another object

cutter Cut buffer to package

diff-buf compare two buffer in node.js and output the diff

dox-edp Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

error-inject inject an error listener into a stream

forwards Make server forwards all data to another. So you can send online traffic to develop env

heaps heap in js

hessian-protocal hession protocal in js

hessian.js Hessian Serialization written by pure JavaScript, support all kind of types in Java.

hsf alibaba hsf module

hsf-protocol alibaba hsf wrap module

hsf-wrap alibaba hsf wrap module

hsfbm alibaba hsf benchmark module

hsftest alibaba hsf test module

interceptor an interceptor to mock one-way off network

is-type-of complete type checking for node

js-to-java easy way to wrap js object to java object

koa-bodyparser a body parser for koa

koa-csrf CSRF tokens for koa

koa-ejs ejs render middleware for koa

koa-error-handler koa error handler, hack ctx.onerror

koa-github simple github auth middleware for koa

koa-limit koa middleware for limit request by ip with redis or memory

koa-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for koa. Inspired by connect-render

koa-middlewares easy way to require some useful koa middlewares

koa-onerror koa error handler, hack ctx.onerror

koa-redis koa session with redis

koa-rt X-Repsonse-Time middleware for koa with microtime

koa-sess koa session store by memory, redis or others

koa-static-cache Static cache for koa

koa-tbsession connect/express session middleware for taobao

koa-userauth user auth middleware for koa

linklist A linklist from node source

lreader 按行读取任意大的文件

mredis 管理多个redis服务,消除redis服务的单点问题,并提供调用超时控制

ngen-edp Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

node-benchmark a benchmark utils for node.js

nodeclub A forum system for tiny community base on koa and mysql

npm-request request with npmrc's auth

okey a high layer framework base on koa

oss-cnpm a oss api wraper for cnpm

printable print array like table into console

pwechat push wechat

show-methods list all the methods in a node object

tbsession session for taobao

tfs-cnpm a tfs api wraper for cnpm

thunkify-wrap Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, generator functions, and promises into a thunk

tnpm npm client for alibaba private npm registry

utility A collection of useful utilities.

var-style Transform variable style between camel case and snake case.

webcamera a camera to shooting web page

webt A node connect base web template

weekee A wiki base git and markdown, power by Node.js, and can be use with connect or express

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