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bean A small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

bonzo Library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

bowser a browser detector

calender Simple, themable, Datepicker for Ender

dagron an HTML5 Drag and Drop library for Ender

domready modern domready

emile no-thrills stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript framework

ender Open Module JavaScript Framework

ender-args-parser Command line arguments parser for the Ender CLI

ender-builder Build assembler for the Ender CLI

ender-commonjs commonjs module support for ender

ender-core core client library of Ender

ender-dependency-graph Dependency graph construction and processing for the Ender CLI

ender-installer Package installer component of the Ender CLI

ender-js no-library library

ender-minify Interface to UglifyJS Closure Compiler and YUICompressor

ender-package Package handling for the Ender CLI

ender-package-util Package utilities for the Ender CLI

ender-repository Repository (npm) manager for the Ender CLI

ender-test a thing that sets color on elements

ender-tipsy Tipsy for Ender

ender-tween Generic Timing Tweener with Easing support

express-limiter rate limiter middleware for express applications

jaaulde-cookies browser cookie handling library

jade-server a dynamic jade server

jeesh The official starter pack for Ender.

json-browser JSON in JavaScript

keymaster library for defining and dispatching keyboard shortcuts

kizzy x-browser LocalStorage API with a memcached interface

klass Class provider with classical inheritance interface

matador an MVC framework for Node

morpheus A Brilliant Animator

qwery blazing fast CSS3 query selector engine

qwery-mobile Mobile query selector engine

qwery-pseudos Pseudo-selector extensions for Qwery

R2 a CSS LTR ∞ RTL converter

rate-limitter rate limitter middleware for express applications

reqwest A wrapper for asynchronous http requests

scriptjs Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

sink-test Headless / Browser JavaScript Unit Tester

sizzle A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine

smoosh a tool for packaging your JavaScript and CSS projects

sqwish a tool for compressing CSS

twitter-text official twitter text linkification

valentine JavaScript’s Functional Sister. Utilitiy, Iterators, type checking

wiggin a web framework

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