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activator simple user activation and password reset for nodejs

booster Booster is the ***fastest*** way to get a full-fledged REST service up and running in [nodejs](!

cansecurity cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication, authorization and management in node expressjs apps

jsmx A JavaScript library for listening to and emitting management events in node

jsorm-i18n A JavaScript library for i18n: calendar conversions (Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, Sym010, Sym454, others), timezones, i18n resource bundles, currency rendering

jsorm-utilities A JavaScript library for basic utilities

jsormdb A JavaScript library for embedded database with persistence to the server or other stores

multiwaydb A lightweight database that can load in JSON, set and get according to table and key/value pairs, and be accessed over http

searchjs A library for filtering JavaScript objects based on a json SQL-like language, jsql

smtp-tester Quick and dirty smtp server, that accepts handlers to process messages

subscriber Subscriber Module

urlmaster URL, Web, testing

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