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apis Library for creation web and websocket restful APIs

args Command line arguments parser

authen Authentication tools - signing, tokens, password hashes

coauth OAuth client for apis using noauth

contacts_client Client library for 'contacts', provides 'contacts' API for both browser and apps

inh DEPRECATED, see Was: both browser- and node-friendly inherits() for browserify

marked_types Fix for instanceof issues.

migr Fills foreign citisen arrival form required by federal migration service of Russia

ncbt callback tools

nerr Properly constructed base class for error objects

never node.js daemon runner and monitor

npgt pg tools

nxmlpp Simple xml pretty printer based on 'sax' sax parser

ojster Objective JavaScript Templater

ops Applies defaults to options for your function and classes

repack JS objects repackaging tools

sparklexmlupdate Small utility for updating sparkle RSS feed files

talking_frame Client tools to provide communication between windows and iframes via postMessage

trun task runner

units Module-like system with two step initialization

valid JS data validator

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