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apostle Node.js API client for

baseit A node.js module for simple(r) handling of radix 2 through 36 base encodings.

basic HTTP Basic Auth for Node.js

cc-client A node.js client for the Constant Contact API

cork An API utility belt for request.

diy Streaming API client for DIY

dolly Apple Push Notification service with Rodeo.

dpla API client for the Digital Public Library of America

fastly Fastly API client for Node.js

fork-pool A generic child process pool for Node.js

generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

graffle-json OmniGraffle .OO3 to structured JSON converter

logo A streaming interpreter for the LOGO programming language.

microkern Framework-less kerning support for browsers.

micron Minimalist extensions to the Node.js core HTTP server.

micron-throttle Token bucket based HTTP request throttle for Node.js

namebot A node.js module for generating usernames based on a specified corpus.

node-randy based realtime notifications with Rodeo.

phidget Node.js bindings for the Phidget line of USB sensor and control interfaces.

rij A safe and sensible work queue.

rodeo A realtime notifications system based on Redis and Node.js.

sentiment AFINN-based sentiment analysis for Node.js

simple A naive Node.js clone of Python's simpleHttpServer

strainer Simple filtering of arrays and object streams.

tineye Node.js client for the Tineye API

trebuchet A node.js module for throwing email around using the Postmark API.

troll Language sentiment analysis and neural networks... for trolls.

up-client Node.js client for the (unofficial) Jawbone UP API

vouch JSON schema validation ... for humans.

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