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component-serve-repos Server to serve private component repositories.

factorify Better object factories.

fancy-doc Document component based projects with markdown.

flatiron-express Plugin to integrate express as router into flatiron.

flatiron-restful-express Use restful with flatiron and express.

git-object Simple library to retrieve git objects from a repository.

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mikenchin-express Make express applications with mikenchin easier.

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mikenchin-nanu Wraps nanu as mikenchin module.

mikenchin-routes More expressive and modular route description.

mistore A document management framework for node.js

mistore-ejs-latex A mistore-backend for latex-escaped ejs documents.

mistore-latex A latex-backend for mistore.

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node-tex Simple backend to TeX for node.js

odt A node tool to work with OpenDocument text files.

passwordmachine Organize your passwords in a safe database.

string-stream A stream that works on a string.

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