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amd-wrap Wraps CommonJS files in `define(function (require, exports, module) { ... })`.

browserify-deoptimizer Transforms browserify bundles into a collection of single files

chai-as-promised Extends Chai with assertions about promises.

chai-jquery jQuery assertions for the Chai assertion library

cssom CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser

dict A lightweight but safe dictionary, for when Object won't cut it

dynamo-as-promised A promise-based client for Amazon's DynamoDB.

especially Abstract operations and other functions drawn from the ECMAScript specification

global-wrap Exposes your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

gmify A simple interface to GraphicsMagick for streaming image processing.

grunt-amd-wrap Grunt task to wrap CommonJS files in `define(function (require, exports, module) { ... })`.

grunt-global-wrap Grunt task to expose your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

jadeify A browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

jsdom A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM

knockoutify Knockout makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript

knox Amazon S3 client

last A small helper for getting only the last result of an asynchronous operation you perform multiple times in a row.

mocha-as-promised Adds “thenable” promise support to the Mocha test runner.

npm-cache-dir I am checking and creating npm's cache dir

opener Opens stuff, like webpages and files and executables, cross-platform

path-is-inside Tests whether one path is inside another path

promise-tests A test suite for CommonJS Promises/A and related spec extensions

promises-aplus-tests Compliance test suite for Promises/A+

pubit Responsible publish/subscribe. Hide the event publisher, only exposing the event emitter.

q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)

restify-oauth2 A simple OAuth 2 endpoint for Restify

sandboxed-module A sandboxed Node.js module loader that lets you inject dependencies into your modules.

setimmediate A shim for the setImmediate efficient script yielding API

simple-jadeify A simple browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

sinon-chai Extends Chai with assertions for the Sinon.JS mocking framework.

sorted-object Returns a copy of an object with its keys sorted

svg2png A SVG to PNG converter, using PhantomJS.

test-npmignore-readme Testing npm issue #3593

winningjs-activator Activates Windows 8 applications from Node.js or the command line

winningjs-build A Grunt build task for Windows 8 applications built on the WinningJS framework.

winningjs-svg2png A Grunt build task for converting SVGs to PNGs in the varieties desired by Windows 8.

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