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add-deps add deps to your package.json

adiff diff and patch arrays.

all callback when all callbacks have fired.

amd Async Module Definition - module loader/bunder for node + browser

another-progress-bar a terminal/ansi progress bar, with updateable label

ansi-highlight js syntax-highlighting for the terminal

ansi-recover recover from a terminal app, back to terminal you had before it.

assertions loads of useful assert functions in one package

async-iterator A Standard API for LevelDOWN style Iterator.

asynct simple asyncronous test runner

autonode Connect a cluster on a single machine. One node starts a server on a given port, but if the address is in use, become a client, and connect to that port instead.

badass the proxy that breaks all the rules

bash-vars convert JSON to a format that is easy to read in BASH.

battery command to check battery life

bed It's a in browser code editor that isn't Ace or Code Mirror, but still has syntax highlighting.

between generate arbitary strings that sort between two strings

bikeshed apply code style conversions

binomial-hash-list hash timestamped objects into increasingly larger groups

blake2s port of Dmitry Chestnykh's blake2s-js to node style

bracket-matcher parser which is only concerned with matching brackets.

browser-stream pipe streams through

bundle-metadata extract metadata about a browserify bundle

bv bump version and publish in one easy command.

canvas-browserify wrap canvas module so the same code works in node or browser

canvas-progress-bar A progress bar generated with canvas.

carpenter template fillerouter, like blacksmith, but simpler

center center an element in window or inside another element.

client-reloader Reload client sessions, when they connect with an old client js. recommended use with [reconnect]( and [shoe]( or other client-side stream api.


connect-restreamer re-stream a parsed body so that it can be proxied.

console-log A console widget for viewing logs in your browser.

content-addressable-store a content addressable store that you can stream to

continuable-para turn multiple continuables into one in parallel.

continuable-series turn array of continuable into continuable that invokes them in series

convoy-stream A meta-stream for sending multiple streams down a single stream. Like [mux-demux]( except in series instead of in parallel.

couchfeed sync changes from couchdb

couchlegs setup multiple couch databases

count-tabs Count the tabs that a user has open.

cradle-init sets up cradle/couch nicely

crdt Commutative Replicated Data Types for easy distributed/collaborative apps

create-systemd-service turn a command into a systemd service

crypto-browserify partial implementation of crypto for the browser

cryptomx sha256 and ripemd160 from cryptomx project

ctrlflow mission critical ctrl flow library

curry flexible but simple curry function

cyphernet secure replicatable tree database.

d-utils Dominic's Utilities

d64 dominictarr style base64, like base64 but lexiographically sortable

dart-stream A stream interface like the one in dart

dat-table tables of data for dat.

default-pager launch $PAGER in your program

delay-stream delay chunks through a stream.

demonstrate Transform a into an interactive demo.

deploy tools to create setup a server for continous deployment via git push.

deterministic-tar generate a tarball that hashes consistently

dom-vector sane way to control positions of DOM elements/objects/events

duplex base class for a duplex stream

duplexer Creates a duplex stream

easyfs rubyesque fs wrapper for dummies.

el-streamo Crazy streams of (html) elements! Stream through a template into a list.

element-splice Array#splice for HTMLElement

eohbjcobpchokp publishing this to test npm-atomic-publish

event-stream construct pipes of streams of events

event-tree Hierachical Event Emitters, (rather like in the browser!)

f-core terse pluggable DSL syntax

feedopensource iteratively fund open-source projects

from Easy way to make a Readable Stream

fs-reverse stream the lines of a file in reverse order!

fsm check finite state machine properties

gen Generate github page

get-deps get the dependencies to be installed from a directory

git-deploy tools to create setup a server for continous deployment via git push.

github-url turn a repository: package.json field to a github url

graphlib-adjacency convert to and from adjacency lists and graphlib

graphlib-git read git commits into a graphlib format.

h generate HTML from javascript the easy way.

hash-change browserifyable shim for `hashchange` event

hdiff Human Readable JSON Diff

header-stream ``` js var header = require('header-stream')

himark cli tool to convert markdown to html with syntax highlighting

hipster Okay, so today I wrote a text editor in node.js and named it "hipster". Because I am an asshole. (and no one had already used the name for something more stupid)

how-big tell be how large directories are

hud pre-configured graphing for monitoring node stuff in real-time.

hyperscript Create HyperText with JavaScript, on client or server.

idle Trigger a listener that fires only when a certain event _has not_ occured within a time window.

indexes-of line String/Array#indexOf but return all the indexes in an array

indexhtmlify wrap a js file in the minimum html to be browser-runnable

insert-queue Setup a series of inserts on a string, but without altering it (yet) then apply all the inserts without them interfeering with each other.

invert-stream Create a pair of streams (A, B) such that `A.write(X) -> B.emit('data', X)` and `B.write(X) -> A.emit('data', X)`

it-is terse functional assertion framework

iterate some iterator functions

json-buffer JSON parse & stringify that supports binary via bops & base64

json-logdb A simple in-memory json-log database.

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