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json-select select json from (very large) json files

json-sst Newline Separated JSON, Sorted String Tables. JSON parser written in bash

JSONStream rawStream.pipe(JSONStream.parse()).pipe(streamOfObjects)

keep in memory data with append only persistance

kiddb a database where everything is a single file

kv an append oriented kv store for streams

lamport Lamport One Time Signatures.

level-content-addressable-store the same api as [content-addressable-store]( except implemented on top of leveldb.

level-content-cache cache a mutable resource into a content-addressable-store

level-couch-sync syncronize couchdb data into leveldb

level-fix-range make using levelup reverse ranges easy

level-hooks pre/post hooks for leveldb

level-index Create an index on some data. For more complex use-cases, use [level-mapped-index]( or [map-reduce](

level-inverted-index Inverted Index for levelup.

level-live-stream Stream live changes from levelup.

level-manifest describe a levelup plugin for remote access

level-map <img src=>

level-map-merge Like a simple realtime map-reduce, but simpler.

level-map-tile Fetch map tiles and store them in level-js, for offline maps in the browser.

level-map-tiles store map tiles in level.js for offline maps

level-master master-slave replication with levelup.

level-merkle merkle tree replication.

level-peek peek the first or last record in a leveldb range.

level-post get consistent post hooks for leveldb.

level-queue queue plugin for leveldb.

level-reduce <img src=>

level-replicate scuttlebutt style replication for level-*

level-scuttlebutt Plugin to add persistence and querying [scuttlebutt]( documents stored in leveldb.

level-search universal search for leveldb

level-static use leveldb as a static file server

level-sublevel partition levelup databases

level-test get a clean levelup instance for testing.

level-trigger Triggers for levelup.

level-update A levelup plugin that can be used implements conditional updates.

level-update-stream writestream to level, but only actual updates

level-view-stream used by [map-reduce](, [level-reduce](, and [level-map]( to query views from levelup.

level-window window operations on timeseries in level

line-graph very simple line-graph

lm link a module from another dir into node_modules

localstorage-scuttlebutt replicate localStorage with scuttlebutt

lock lock asynchronous resources.

looper async loops that never RangeError

ls-modules list the currently requireable modules

ls-r recursive ls for node

lu simplest levelup reader

macgyver [![build status](]( [![browser status](]( declarative assertion framework for invocation ordering.

map-reduce map-reduce on leveldb

map-stream construct pipes of streams of events

map-tile-url get a map tile url from openStreetMap, bing, or google

markdown-sections get the #sections in a markdown file

math-buffer big integer math operations implemented on top of node buffers

matrix cartesian product, tablulate, & other matrixy functions

merkle-stream A base for creating merkle tree replication

message-stream duplex stream of messages (with minimal edgecases!).

meta-test framework for writing unit test frameworks

mkdir-and-mv-stream the safe way to write a file

modal-widget <img src= Tarr/0.png?branch=master>

modem-stream slow a stream down to modem speeds

mokuai-map a modular tile based map

monotonic-timestamp Monotonically increasing timestamp.

mpg123 Play mp3s by shelling out to `mpg123`

msgpack-stream Stream of msgpack protocol

mux-demux multiplex streams

mw-pipes connect middleware with piping

my-local-ip tell me my local ip address

nih-op a options parser driven by NIH.

ninja-tools general nodejitsu utilities

nodejitsu-client the jitsu API client pulled out.

nonsense Streams of nonsense in realtime!

npm-atomic-publish publish to npm with a single http request

npm-github-resolve-url resolve a github url

npm-remapper remap npm package version dynamicially

npm-search An index of npm using levelup.

npmd distributed npm client

npmd-bin link executables for npm modules

npmd-cache a secure, reliable, offlineable cache for npmd

npmd-config get npmd-config

npmd-git-resolve resolve git urls as modules

npmd-install install npm modules

npmd-leaves convert dependency tree into leaf hash list

npmd-link install npm modules using symlinks (FAST)

npmd-pack turn a directory into a tarball for npm.

npmd-rebuild rebuild npm packages, as standalone tool

npmd-resolve resolve npm dependency trees

npmd-tree query node_modules

npmd-unpack retrive and unpack npm tarballs

ntk Desktop UI tollkit/widgets set

observable A function as representation of a trackable mutable value.

padded-semver pad semver to make it lexiographically sortable

parentchild json-all-parent-child =====================

parse-regexp parse a regexp string. `parse(reg_exp.toString()) == reg_exp`

pause-stream a ThroughStream that strictly buffers all readable events when paused.

peers peer2peer nodejs applications

per-second generate statistics from an active process

poset experimental poset module

probe-stream streamable metrics.

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