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proxy-by-url custom logic for node-http-proxy to proxy basedon incoming url

proxy80 proxy tcp from port 80 to another port.

ps-tree get all children of a pid

pull-2step-replicate a very simple replication strategy

pull-cat concatenate pull-streams

pull-core wrappers to make pull-streams useful.

pull-crypto crypto via pull-streams

pull-csv parse/stringify csv data with pull streams

pull-flow parallel/serial flow for pull-streams

pull-fs pull-stream fs, etc

pull-glob extended globs as pull-streams

pull-handshake easily create a duplex protocol that starts with a handshake

pull-level pull-stream interface to levelup

pull-markable a pull-stream that can read ahead and then revert

pull-merkle Construct an optimally shallow merkle tree (in memory)

pull-pair pair a source pull-stream and a sink pull-stream

pull-paramap parallel async map pull-stream

pull-pushable pull-stream with a push interface

pull-server simple (in process) pull-stream server

pull-sorted-merge merge pull streams

pull-split split ported to pull-stream style

pull-stream minimal pull stream

pull-stream-merge merge pull streams

pull-stream-range pull-stream of a range within a sorted resource.

pull-stringify JSON.stringify as pull-stream

pull-switch split a pull-stream into many streams

pull-tee feed a pull-stream into multiple sinks

pull-through through ported to pull-stream style

pull-traverse [![travis](](

pull-utf8-decoder pull-stream interface to node's string_decoder

pull-window Aggregate a pull-stream into windows.

pull-zip zip [pull-stream](

query-stream <img src='Dominic Tarr'/query-stream.png?branch=master>

quickansi flicker-free ansi animations

r-array Replicated Array

r-edit Collaborative Editing the EASY way.

r-value scuttlebutt a single value

random-name return random last names.

range-bucket Generate string ranges that group into ranges, suitable for use as database keys (recommended for [levelup]('))

rc hardwired configuration loader

readme display a module's readme in the terminal

rec2 2d rectangles

reconnect Reconnect a stream (tcp, ws, tls, http) when network goes down.

reconnect-widget widget to show connection status

reconnector compatibility layer aroung other websocket compatibility layers

redis-protocol-stream Streams of the [redis protocol](

redis-raw nodejs redis client with no extras

regular-stream streaming regular parser

relational-join-stream Relational Style JOIN query with streams.

remap inject wrappers, mocks and new modules through 'require'

remember Persist gossip (scuttlebutt, crdt, etc)

remote-events a two ended EventEmitter connected through a Stream

render pretty print javascript objects or generate JSON, with comma first and comma trailing

repl-stream run remote repl over any stream

replace-stream tool to replace text in a stream

replicated-reduce Insanely simple data replication.

repred Insanely simple data replication.


rpc-stream very simple rpc. use with any thing that has .pipe()

rpc-with-streams [rpc-stream]( but with streams

rumours general purpose scuttlebutt/leveldb server.

runloop start a program, restart if it crashes, and cleanup any child processes

scuttlebucket Nested scuttlebutts

scuttlebutt replicate data via scuttlebutt protocol

scuttlebutt-remote connect to remote scuttlebutt collections. such as [level-scuttlebutt](

scuttlebutt-schema Tools for creating scuttlebutts.

search-context show the context around matches for a query

securify run a browserify-like bundle inside a node-vm

seneca-level-store Seneca leveldb store

seneca-pay Seneca payment plugin

seneca-rumours-store Seneca data store plugin for RumoursDB

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

sha.js streaming sha1 hash in pure javascript

sha1sum Single function that return the sha1sum. Installing this is just a little bit quicker than reading the crypto documentation.

sha256d double sha256

shadow-npm lightweight private npm

shasum Single function that return the sha1sum. Installing this is just a little bit quicker than reading the crypto documentation.

signed-http use joyent's http-signature protocol

skates streamline creating WebSocket apps

smoothie Smoothie Charts: smooooooth JavaScript charts for realtime streaming data

smoothie-stream Stream time-series to a chart and watch it in your browser.

snob self hosting distributed version control system in javascript

sort-stream like array.sort, except it's a stream

sortable sort an array by dragging html elements

split split a Text Stream into a Line Stream

spork spawn a child process and setup rpc to it with one easy utensil.

ssh A Node.js binding for libssh

ssh-key-to-pem Convert an ssh key to PEM format

stability Tool to insert node.js style stability messages

stream-combiner <img src=>

stream-serializer wrap a stream of regular js objects into a stream of line seperated json.

stream-spec executable specification for Stream (to make testing streams easy)

stream-tester Streams to make test other Streams

stream-to-pull-stream convert a stream1 or streams2 stream into a pull-stream

string-range check if a string is within a range

strm minimal streams

style color in your node.js console, without monkeypatching

synct simple test framework for syncronous tests

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