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adrotator-node Simple nodejs ad rotator

anti-db Plain old JS object that saves itself to disk

appcache-node appcache-node =============

cli-node Simple cli for Node.js

clients-node Show recently connected clients in nodejs/express

cluster-node Very basic clustering simplicity for express apps

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

consolelog-node Hook console.log to wait so you can read before it jumps off the screen

dbfree-node Local file storage - no dbs

dbfree-node-plugins Plugins for the dbfree system

fbreg Easy Facebook Registration widget for NodeJS web servers

fetch-node Gets view templates off the server if they don't exist

fileup-node File upload helper for Nodejs/Express

goat-node Simple view engine for Express

helper-node Simple helper

hooks-node Hook functions for simpler Aspect Oriented Programming type patterns

inst-node ```` var appvars = [1,2,3];

loghooks-node Hook console log, process stdout for Node.js

page-node ERROR: No file found!

php-node PHP file execution and view engine for Express

ping-node Simple website ping monitoring

pjs-node Template wrapper for hogan - mustache to allow php style templates

prolific-server ERROR: No file found!

proxy-node Very small wrapper over http-proxy

qdb Simple JSON file store

quick-server Is a small web server stub for NodeJS/Express/Hogan and can be run directly or require'd into a script. Uses Express, Hogan-Express templates, allows you to set port, catch errors, app path, statics the current directory, without all the boilerplate.

quick-store quick-store =========== Quick JSON storage for NodeJS server, using localStorage syntax with a few added. Async. ```` var db = require('quick-store')(); // saved file ./db.json var db = require('quick-store')('./mydb.json'); // saved file ./mydb.json

ranker Track people referred to your site from Google and Bing search

recur Recurse dirs and parse JSON in matched files

remote-ex Node JS RPC

rpc-duplex-node Client rpc for nodejs

rpc-node Client rpc for nodejs

runaway Stop most hogging CPU process when CPUs are pegged

simplestdb-node A very very basic and very very simple storage system

socket-server Websocket server - extends the excellent

test-global-app ERROR: No file found!

time-ago timeago =======

time-node Simple wrapper around node-timeago

tr Reference code fdr the transform protocol

tweet-node Simple Twitter wrapper

useragent-node useragent-node ============ app.js ```` var express = require('express'), app = express(); app.set('view engine', 'm') app.engine('m', require('hogan-express')) app.set('views', '.') app.listen(3000); console.log('running on 3000')

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