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ast-transformer An UglifyJS AST transformer

butler NodeJS Butler

caches NodeJS Cache Abstraction

deal NodeJS Dealer

enforce NodeJS data validations

fulfill NodeJS Promises/A+

getopt NodeJS command line 'parser'

houston NodeJS logging framework

latch An attempt of creating a sourcecode encoding/decoding mechanism

modbus-tcp Modbus TCP/IP

msgbus NodeJS IPC Message Bus (client+server)

msgbus2 Message Bus Service 2

mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.

orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

orm-mysql-fts ORM MySQL Full-Text Search support

orm-paging ORM Pagination Helper

orm-random ORM Random instance get/find

orm-transaction ORM Transactions

permit NodeJS authentication abstraction

rack NodeJS Cluster Abstraction Layer

roles NodeJS Role Management

sessions NodeJS session management

smtpc Simple SMTP client for NodeJS

sql-ddl-sync NodeJS SQL DDL Synchronization

sql-query NodeJS SQL query builder

tk ECMA5 Core Object extensions

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