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b64 Base64 encode and decode UTF-8 strings

basecrm basecrm client for nodejs

catbot-ws-client catbot websockets client

clarinet SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)

cloudmailin cloudmailin testing service

couchdb-build-views Build CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchdb-replicate-views Replicate CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchnomnom Replicate all your couchdb databases from A to B

cycle decycle your json

dotfile easy way to read and write json dotfiles agnostic of the os

dscape-mind-explosion-database DATABASE FOR DSCAPE TO TEACH CHILDREN!

emitdb a database where you only write code

ensure node.js testing made easy

frameless a tiny framework to write command line programs

futon command line futon

ghcopy Provides copy to gist functionality for your terminal

idx collection of composable indexes written in javascript

lanyrd-list ERROR: No file found!

lynx Minimalistic StatsD client for Node.js programs

mergesorted returns the interception of two ordered arrays

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

nunodoingamess ERROR: No file found!

nuvem MarkLogic Driver for Node.js

p pattern matching in javascript for asyncronous iteration

parentchild json-all-parent-child =====================

percent-message-signing sign and verify messages exchanged with percent

rangebound given a number or a string, returns the ranges you should be querying in the default js string collation

rdir runs a directory

require-all An easy way to require all files within a directory.

resume a resume bin that generates stuff for you

specify bite sized node.js testing

spell javascript dictionary module for node.js, and the browser

statsd-parser Streaming parser for the statsd protocol

union A hybrid buffered / streaming middleware kernel backwards compatible with connect.

val a middleware dsl to validate form submissions

winston-statsd generates `statsd` from winston logs — extremely tailored to nodejitsu internal needs, use accordingly

xml-simple Simple XML Parsing based on xml2js

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