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app_settings Manage an app_settings property on a couchdb design document.

bresenham3d Calculate all integer points along a relativly smooth line segment in 3d space.

champ-views Map/reduce functions used in the champ music player

deluge-add Add a torrent to a deluge instance

element-value Set or get a dom element value

follow-db-updates Easy CouchDB _db_changes follower, with older couch pollyfill

garden-core Small api to install, update and manage garden apps

garden-dashboard-core Api to interact with a garden dashboard

garden-default-settings Map/reduce functions used in the garden

garden-market-client Small client api to interact with a garden market.

garden-menu base of a garden menu

garden-views Map/reduce functions used in the garden

gardener A node process manager for couchapps that depend on npm modules, or have npm modules bundled with them.

gardener-status A simple ui widget that shows the status of gardener modules

headtrackr headtracking via webcam and WebRTC/getUserMedia

hoax-views Map/reduce functions used in the hoax music player

kanso The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

level-liferecorder-sync Monitor a folder to import media from a liferecorder to leveldb

liferecorder-worker A couchdb-worker to upload from a liferecorder to couchdb

map-reduce-chained chained map reduce on leveldb

media-folder-info Determine what media type a file or folder contains, mostly relating to a torrent

memoir-playlist Create a playlist based on a duration from a memoir timeline

periodical Continuously publish javascript modules.

pico-couch-ddoc Use to make tiny couchdb design docs. Nothing fancy.

pouchdb PouchDB is a pocket-sized database.

ractive-couch easy couchdb data binding with mustache syntax

redforms-fieldnames Determines the data field names from a form definition.

schema-couch Using json-schemas, make a pretty decent couch api. Relationships (and batteries) included.

schema-couch-boilerplate baseline web app for a schema couch

schema-couch-ui Build an extensible ui on a schema-couch with very few lines of code.

svg2path convert from svg to a path for icon sheets and also use with raphael

sync-status-icon Icon that represents the status of a pouchdb sync, online/offline

tale Location story telling

voxel-audio Use positional audio in your voxel.js game

xxtea-stream A node/browserify streaming xxtea encryption and decryption module

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