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ee-arguments assign values passed to a function to a variable by their type and optional by their index

ee-argv dead simple commandline parser

ee-async simpler control flow for asynchronous operations

ee-aws-s3-bucket Easy AWS S3 Bucket implementation. Upload, download and delete ( recursive ) files from your buckets.

ee-aws-v4-request class for making requests to some of the aws services

ee-aws-v4-signature amazon aws v4 signature generator for their rest interfaces of several of their services

ee-bookshelf-schema simple schema definitoion for bookshelf.js

ee-class Javascript Class implementation for node.js & ecma script 5 compatible browsers

ee-config get & set config values using a mysql db

ee-db-cluster db cluster implementation for ee-orm

ee-db-connection abstract db connection implementation for ee-orm

ee-dynamodb simple & fast dynamodb access

ee-error Extends the native error object with a setName & setDescription method

ee-event js event implementation

ee-event-emitter event handler similar to the node.js eventEmitter class

ee-formdata-reader reads formdata from requests

ee-log simple, helpful & colorful logs

ee-lru-cache LRU Memory Cache ( last recent used )

ee-machine-id unique machine identifier reader ( using network interfaces mac addresses & cpus )

ee-mime-decoder streaming mime message decoder, supports streaming of attachments & file uploads

ee-mysql mysql connector supporting transactions and pooling

ee-mysql-connection mysql connection abstraction for ee-orm

ee-mysql-schema simple orm for ee-mysql

ee-net simple tcp client / server for easy json objects / data transmission

ee-options simple options parser for ee-class

ee-orm An easy to use ORM for node.js. Supports advanced eager loading, complex queries, joins, transactions, complex database clusters & connection pooling.

ee-postgres-connection postgres connection abstraction for ee-orm

ee-project Loads config.js files in the project roo directory, provides infos about git

ee-protocol-json simple JSON streaming protocol. transmitts & receives JSON objects.

ee-query-builder query builder for ee-orm

ee-random-data-provider random data provider, returns cached data

ee-rate-limiter simple rate limiter implementation ( token bucket )

ee-request-pool rate limited http requests

ee-resource-pool resource pool with queueing and rate limiting

ee-retry Repeat some action in an exponential increased capped interval

ee-simple-repl Collect user input from a stream / stdin

ee-soa-service-manager Service Manager for the ee-soa framework

ee-stream-buffer creates a readable stream from a buffer

ee-stream-collector collects all data from a readable stream

ee-stream-decoder stream decodes base64 and quoted printable data

ee-stream-url-decoder stream decodes url encoded data

ee-strip-png remove all data parts from a png image except the required ones

ee-taskscheduler simple task scheduler class

ee-travis Encode private env varibles for travis using a travis public key

ee-ttl-queue Queue with timeout

ee-types Reliabale type detection

ee-waiter control flow: parallel asynchronous job execution

ee-webserver A simple webserver used by the ee framework

ee-webservice webservice module supporting any «ee» middleware

ee-xml-to-json convert xml documents to json objects, with support for simple transformation rules

em-api-restrictions api restrictions middleware for ee-webservice ( apikey, rate limiting )

em-formdata-collector Formdata collector middleware for ee-webservice

em-multilang multilang middleware for ee-webservice

em-passport Authorization middleware for ee-webservice

em-rest rest service middleware for ee-webservice

em-rest-service RESTful Service Middleware for ee-webservice

em-rewrite url rewriting middleware for ee-webservice

em-session-identity-cookie cookie handler middleware for em-session-manager

em-webfiles web files middleware for ee-webservice

et-github-autorelease update a repo using github webhooks

node-ee-mime-magic In memory mime sniffer without depencies ( using the files magic numbers )

travis-tools Easy secure data encryption for travis - without the gems!

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