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agent-next The idea is simple:

async-memo Call a function at most once and remember the result. Args are not supported

async-reduce `reduce` function for async reductions on arrays.

asyncloop Continuation passing loop which never bloats stack

component-as-module Require components from node programs

component-npm-post-install Post-install script for npm(1) which makes a component to be a valid npm module

connect-views Serve your jades, markdowns, lesses like a static files

easy-app Simple and powerful container for applications

easy-table Nice text table for the CLI

easy-web Structure for large and small applications.

express-in-the-box The-box container with express batteries included

fake-fs Fake file system for testing

hooks-emitter Event emitter, but for hooks

http-send http send function inspired by express

make-flow Make style control flow

mixobjects Merge/mix util for objects

parse-fn-args parse-fn-args =============

reuse Funky way to extend your objects

should-as-global Just requires 'should' and assigns it to a global var 'assert'

simple-binary-consume Consume simple binary stream

simple-stream-dump Dump simple-stream (consume it throwing away everything)

simple-stream-pipe Pipe simple-stream to node's writable stream

stream-simple Readable to Simple stream converter

test-log Tiny logger for using in tests

the-box Build systems style computational model for the web

translit Text transliteration util

translit-russian Transliteration map for russian language

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