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arrowbreaker-sup An Express.js application that pings your urls and warns you about HTTP status code changes by email

arrr Observable array

background-magick Pipe an image to ImageMagick's composite and add it to a background.

component-wrapper Small module that spawns component.js as a child process

datalayer Data layer: add, remove, update, find, findAll

datalayer-indexeddb This module will presist enome/datalayer to indexeddb

docker-simple-wrapper Simple 50 line wrapper around http.request for docker.

dopache Link containers and their assigned ip + a port to hipache.

dotnotation ```js var object = { shipping: { europe: '15', america: '22' } };

earls Tiny library to create a url map

earls-function-mapper Custom mapper for earls

earls-reverse Helper that reverses express routes

eql Asserts two values using difflet.

express-recorder Records your middleware and gives you a result you can assert

filr Express File server

icalc Convert copy pasted search results from ical to csv.

jshintreact Wrapper arround jshint to deal with jsx code in react.js

jungles Jungles Content Management System

jungles-auth-persona Authentication app that uses Mozilla Persona. Can be mounted onto an express.js app.

jungles-auth-simple Simple authorization middleware

jungles-components Angular.js components for jungles-panel

jungles-data Test your jungles-data layer with this tool

jungles-data-memory In memory data layer for Jungles.

jungles-data-postgres Data for Jungles using Postgresql

jungles-errors Middleware for dealing with errors. The reason why this isn't an app you can mount is because apps can't catch errors from other apps (bug?). This also should be last in the Express stack so it can catch 404s.

jungles-files File server for jungles

jungles-functions Shared functions for Jungles modules

jungles-helpers Helpers for Jungles

jungles-helpers-frontend Helpers for Jungles

jungles-middleware-frontend Middleware to generate the front-end of Jungles

jungles-middleware-general Reusable route middleware for express.js

jungles-panel Admin panel for Jungles

jungles-rest Rest layer of Jungles

jungles-tutorial Tutorial for [Jungles]( You'll need to know Express.js for this tutorial.

jungles-types Combines the datalayer and validators for jungles

jungles-validation Validation module for jungles

jungles-validators Validators for jungles-validation.

kwery Find objects in an array or tree structure by regex or attribute value

lemon File server

middleware-recorder Records express.js middleware/handlers for asserting results

oar Observable Array

rerequire Depdency injection

resizr Image resizer using imagemagick.

seequal ```js var seequal = require('seequal');

seequal-middleware For more info checkout seequal.

settee Personal data layer for couchdb

square-general-middleware General middleware for Express

square-settings Get settings depending on the env

square-signals Wrapper for Event Emitter

square-validation Validates and sanitizes objects. Has middleware for with express.js

tarcker This commandline Node.js program lets you tar a directory with a Dockerfile to create and run a container.

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