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act An animation engine for the canvas and dom

around Aspect oriented programming for JavaScript

generator-oj A Yeoman generator to create and change OJ ( projects

kk Type checking for JavaScript

oj A unified templating language for the people. Thirsty people.

oj-ace-editor Ace Editor plugin for OJ

oj-github-button GitHub buttons plugin for OJ

oj-jsfiddle JSFiddle plugin for OJ

oj-markdown Markdown plugin for oj

oj-mustache Mustache plugin for OJ

oj-twitter-button Twitter button plugin for OJ

oj-twitter-follow-button Twitter follow button plugin for OJ

oj-vimeo-video Vimeo Video plugin for OJ

oj-youtube-video YouTube video plugin for OJ

queryfu An intermediate query language for ninjas.

rip The map-reduce of website parsing

smite Web development with a hammer.

uno The simplest unit testing framework possible.

utl The missing utility module (save,load,download,ls and more)

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