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connect-databank Use any databank driver as a store for connect sessions

databank Abstraction layer for JSON storage

databank-leveldb LevelDB driver for Databank

databank-lrucache Databank driver for lru-cache

databank-memcached Memcached and Couchbase driver for Databank

databank-mongodb Databank driver for MongoDB

databank-redis Redis driver for Databank

dialback-client dialback-client ===============

jankyqueue Knuckle-dragger in-process queuing

oauth-evanp Library for interacting with OAuth 1.0, 1.0A, 2 and Echo. Provides simplified client access and allows for construction of more complex apis and OAuth providers. Version 0.2.4 An app framework (kind of) for Web client apps.

schlock Poorly-crafted in-process lock broker

scorch Use underscore for creating files from a template

webfinger Client library for Host Meta (RFC 6415) and Webfinger

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