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asn1.js ASN.1 encoder and decoder

asn1.js-rfc2560 RFC2560 structures for asn1.js

asn1.js-rfc3280 RFC3280 structures for asn1.js

balancer Load Balancer for node.js (supports WebSockets)

bar Node.js framework for building large modular web applications

bem BEM Tools

bem-xjst [XJST]( compiler for a BEM-specific templates.

bemc BEM templates compiler

bemhtml-compat ERROR: No file found!

borschik Extendable builder for text-based file formats

bplus Node.js bindings for a bplus C libarary

bud-backend Example backend server for Bud

bud-tls Bud - TLS Terminator

candor.js Candor to javascript translator

cradle-fixed the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

deadbolt Autoreleasing locks for node.js

dht.js True, complete implementation of [DHT Protocol][0] written in javascript for node.js runtime.

elfy Simple elf format parser in node.js

endian-reader Buffer wrapper with endian-configured reads

index Append only B+ Tree Index engine for node.js

ip IP address utilities for node.js

jit.js JIT assembly generator for node.js

linearscan Linearscan register allocator

macho mach-o format parser

mailer-fixed send emails from node.js to a smtp server, simple as cake

nat-upnp Port mapping via UPnP APIs

netroute Route table bindings for node.js

ometa-highlighter Code highlighter based on Ometa/JS (little inspired by Pygments)

ometajs A object-oriented language for pattern matching

phi.js CFG Phi Insertion helper

pripub Working with RSA private/public keys in node.js

prompt A beautiful command-line prompt for node.js

resourceful A storage agnostic resource-oriented ODM for building prototypical models with validation and sanitization.

revalidator A cross-browser / node.js validator used by resourceful

shmakowiki Yet another wiki dialect, inspired by WackoWiki and WikiCreole

spdy Implementation of the SPDY protocol on node.js.

spdy-bindist Implementation of the SPDY protocol on node.js.

spoon Continuation passing style for javascript.

ssa-ir SSA IR

ssa.js Javascript AST to SSA converter

sticky-session Sticky session balancer based on a `cluster` module

tarjan Tarjan-Lengauer dominator search algorithm

tlsnappy TLS module, but faster! ( [benchmarks][1] and [blog post][2] )

ttttttttt-test-stuff-- ERROR: No file found!

uvcf Allows running CFRunLoop in the same thread as a libuv run loop.

vock VoIP on node.js 0.8.x

xjst XSLT inspired JavaScript templates (with spices)

zlibcontext Simple, synchronous deflate/inflate for buffers (ZLibContext modification)

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