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ab A benchmark tool.

address Get current machine IP, MAC and DNS servers.

agentkeepalive Missing keepalive http.Agent

ali ali

ali.chair ali.chair

ali.iconv Text recoding in JavaScript for fun and profit!

ali.regenerator Source transformer enabling ECMAScript 6 generator functions (yield) in JavaScript-of-today (ES5)

alibaba alibaba

alipay.configclient alipay.configclient

archan Array-like generator-based channels

binpack.js The Javascript implementation of binpack

bt Detect content-type from Buffer data.

buffer-concat concat patch for Buffer in node < 0.8.

buffer-type Detect content-type from Buffer data.

bugfree BugFree API Node.js client

byte Input Buffer and Output Buffer, just like Java ByteBuffer

cache-dns Like `dns` module, but cache the results.

chanel Channel-based control-flow for parallel tasks with concurrency control

charset Get the content charset from header and html content-type.

chunked HTTP [Transfer-Encoding: chunked]( Stream for Node.js

chunkstream A ReadStream: emit data chunk by chunk.

cnpm cnpm: npm client for Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

cnpmtest-package cnpmtest-package

co-assert-timeout Assert a thunk or generator's timeout co-style

co-busboy Busboy multipart parser as a yieldable

co-child-process easily spawn a child process with co

co-defer setImmediate and stuff with generators

co-multipart Download multipart files with open file descriptor limits and file disposal

co-npm co-npm

co-readall co version readall

co-tair co-tair

co-urllib co version of urllib

cogent Simpler HTTP requests using co

configserver configserver

connect-domain-fengmk2 Asynchronous error handler for Connect

connect-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for connect.

connect-mredis Redis session store for Connect

connect-render Template Render helper using `ejs` for `connect`: res.render(view, options). Support `connect` @1.8.x and @2.2.0+ .

connect-rid connect request id middleware

connect-rt connect response time middleware, include micro second.

connect-tair [Tair]( session store for Connect.

contentstream Make a readable stream by input content, content could be `String`, `Buffer`, `Object`, `Number` and so on.

cov Mocha Coverage report store on CDN.

cov-server cov-server

data_output_stream in javascript

default-user-agent Default user agent string for nodejs http request

digest-header Digest access authentication header helper

dnspod-ddns-local A DNSPOD DDNS Client

domain-middleware uncaughtException middleware for connect, base on `domain` module.

emoji This library allows the handling and conversion of Emoji in Javascript.

esprima-harmony ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

filestore A File Store, could use in connect.session

formstream A multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload.

gg gg

gitserver gitserver

giturl Transfer git url to web url

gprs gprs

graceful Graceful exit when `uncaughtException` emit, base on `process.on('uncaughtException')`.

havana Havana Node.js client.

hbase-client Asynchronous HBase client for Node.js, pure javascript implementation.

httpsync `httpsync` is a port of libcurl to node.js. Its interface emulates the `http` module of node.js. But in contrast to `http` module's asynchronous functions, `httpsync` provides the equivalent synchronous APIs.

interceptor an interceptor to mock one-way off network

istanbul-harmony Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests* javascript implement

jscexify Jscexify all nodejs async API.

jscover node wrap for JSCover.

koa-fresh koa-fresh: HTTP response freshness testing middleware base on koa

koa-gzip gzip support for koa responses.

koa-rid koa-rid

koa-roles koa version of Connect-Roles

loading loading dir files as module to an object

logfilestream Log file stream, including auto rolling feature, support multiprocess `append` write at the same time.

marked-edp A markdown parser built for speed

marked-prettyprint A markdown parser built for speed

mdit Markdown it, yes, everything!

metaq metaq

metaweblog MetaWeblog API on Nodejs

microsecond microsecond diff.

microtime2 Get the current time in microseconds

mk mk

mm mock mate, mock http request, fs access and so on.

mongoskin The future layer above node-mongodb-native

mredis 管理多个redis服务,消除redis服务的单点问题,并提供调用超时控制

mysql-ali A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.

mysql-alpha A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.

nab Node version ab.

nae-dgram nae-dgram

nae-fs nae file system

nae-http nae-http

nae-https nae-https

nae-net safe protect for `net` module in NAE

nae-os nae-os

nae-sandbox Sandbox Environment for Node App Engine.

nae-tls nae-tls

nae-web nae user

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