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nae-web nae user

nb nodebox cli.

ndir The lost dir util tools for Nodejs. Handle dir and file in Event

ngen-edp Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

node-blowfish node-blowfish

node-gitlab Gitlab API nodejs client.

node-murmurhash murmurhash V2, support utf8 Buffer

node-patch Patch codes for node <= 0.6

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-template npm module project template helper script.

nunjucks-ali A powerful templating engine with inheritance, asynchronous control, and more (jinja2 inspired)

odps Node.js ODPS SDK.

odps-common ODPS common libs, include `requestSignature`.

onehost One host only, redirect other hosts to bind host.

opsconfreg opsconfreg

oss-client aliyun oss client for node.js

oss-cnpm a oss api wraper for cnpm

ots Aliyun OTS(Open Table Service) nodejs SDK.

outputstream outputstream

parameter A parameter verify tools.

pedding Just pedding for callback.

pm Process Manager for Node.js, branched from node-cluster.

protobuf-ali Protocol Buffers for NodeJS

pswd Hash and compare passwords with pbkdf2

qn Another [qiniu]( API client for Node.js.

qnfs Network Node.js [fs]( module base on [qiniu](

readall readall `Stream` datas helper.

response-cookie cookie helpers for response.

response-patch monkey patch for `http.ServerResponse`.

restful-client RESTFul api client base object. Usually use by some api client implementation.

restful-router Simple RESTful url router.

restful-wrap restful controllers wrap, only use on connect

rid Request Unique ID, base on current server `ip`, `` and auto increase id, like `$ip,$pid,$id`

safe-redirect Safe redirect middleware for connect

scream generator-based binary pull streams

scream-buf-cat concatenate a scream into a single buffer

screamable convert screams to readable streams

screams Simpler object streams using generators

scripe pipe screams into a writable stream

sfs Simple file store service

sfs-client sfs client

shortcuts Shortcuts binding with selecter or handler. Support browser and nodejs.

speeds Speeds controllable stream. Uou can control the downstream speed on your own.

sqlstring SQL escape and format from mysql/lib/protocol/SqlString.js

sync_package Sync package from remote registry to local registry

tbsession-tair tbsession-tair

tenjin A high performance template engine base on node.js.

tfs TFS: Taobao FileSystem nodejs client,

tnpm npm client for alibaba private npm registry

top Taobao Open API Client.

unglob Unglob a list of files

urlencode encodeURIComponent with charset

urlexpand Expand the shorten url, handle all the 30x http redirect and get the original url.

urllib Help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world — basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more.

urlrouter connect missing router middleware, support express format routing.

userauth user auth abstraction layer middleware.

ut ut

utility A collection of useful utilities.

webcache webcache [![Build Status](]( =======

webcamera a camera to shooting web page

weibo Weibo SDK, base on node. Now support weibo, tqq, tsohu, twitter and github.

weibo-mid Convert [Weibo Open API]( mid to base62 hash string.

xiami xiami

xml2json-edp Converts xml to json and viceverza, using node-expat.

zookeeper-watcher Extend [zkjs](, let zookeeper client support `watch(path)` method.

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