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amd-loader Add the capability to load AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) modules to node.js

architect A Simple yet powerful plugin system for node applications

architect-agent This is the rpc agent for the architect plugin framework

architect-demo Demo application build with the architect plugin system

architect-fake-transports This is a fake transport useful for unit tests without real tcp.

architect-socket-transport This is a tcp + msgpack based transport for architect-agent

asyncjs async.js it for the node fs module, what jQuery is for the DOM

bitbucket Wrapper for the BitBucket API

cloud9 Cloud9 IDE

cockpit Command line component for Skywriter/Ace/Cloud9/etc

connect-architect build a connect server using architect plugins

frontdoor Frontdoor is a libarary for creating RESTful API servers.

gnu-tools GNU tools installer for npm

http-error Expose HTTP error codes as Error objects

kernel A simple async template language similair to dustjs and mustache

libxml libxml2 wrapper for node.js

msgpack-js-browser A msgpack encoder and decoder using ArrayBuffer and DataView

netutil utils to find free ports in a range, checking if a port is open, etc

node-heroku Wrapper for the Heroku API

nog Nog is a node powered web log

pilot Pilot is a small library used in the creation of Ace editor.

sftp SFTP implementation for node.js

simple-template Super simple text template function

smith Smith is an RPC agent system for Node.JS used in architect and vfs. ========

treehugger treehugger is a Javascript library for program processing

v8debug Implementation of the V8 debugger protocol

vfs-architect architect plugins for vfs

vfs-child A vfs that runs in a child process.

vfs-composite A meta vfs that composes other vfs instances.

vfs-http-adapter A http middleware to wrap vfs instances and expose them via a RESTful interface

vfs-lint A simple API lint wrapper for vfs instances.

vfs-local A vfs implementation that works on the local filesystem.

vfs-nodefs-adapter Wraps a vfs instance in a node fs style interface

vfs-shell-interop Talk to VFS from shell scripts using unix sockets.

vfs-socket A vfs helper library that communicates through a serialized socket

vfs-ssh A ssh based implementation that provides a virtual filesystem by using a remote node process tunneled over ssh.

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