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bower_resolve search bower javascript path.

callapp launch mac application cli.

console-table output table style log.

dash-cli Dash CUI client.

ejs-cli ejs compile client.

empty-port callback port number picked randomly.

extract_dep_vars ERROR: No file found!

grunt-auto-deps resolve js dependencies and concat.

grunt-embed-require build js and embed required.

grunt-koko grunt plugin to start koko as task.

grunt-license-collection generate license comment collection js.

grunt-mocha-html generate html for mocha browser test.

grunt-simple-ejs process ejs template.

koko instant web server (proxy server).

mdwc count markdown text chars by section.

optcollect parse command line arguments as option, comand, and arguments.

oto auto maintainance directories.

php-express enable express server to exec php.

pmdesk management project directory & url.

render_and_script [express.js plugin] render view and run client side js on server.

shell_lines multi-line shell script for grunt-init.

toichi concat sprite images.

tomrdf publish rdf files and provide sparql endpoint.

vidcap koma video capture.

wp quickly open url or built-in bookmark with browser.

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