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imsave Imgur image upload

inconsolata The inconsolata typeface

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

is-browser Test whether you're a component in browser or a package in npm

is-promise Test whether an object looks like a promises-a+ promise

jade Jade template engine

jade-code-mirror A robust syntax highlighter for jade in node.js

jade-filter Filter mixin for jade using transformers

jade-full-debug Serious debugging of jade compilation

jade-highlighter A robust syntax highlighter for jade in node.js

jepso-ci-config API for interacting with jepso-ci config files

jproxy Proxy while applying amazing transformations

js-script Allow asynchronous APIs to be scripted using pure synchronous JavaScript

jsdifflib A javascript library for diffing text and generating corresponding HTML views

json-literal superset of `JSON` adding date, regex, null and octal literals

jssn JavaScript Super Notation (JSON + circular refs + dates + (optional)functions)

knockout-ace Knockout bindings for the ACE embeddable code editor (using brace)

knockout-code-mirror Knockout bindings for the code-mirror editor

lazy-promise A bare-bones lazily-evaluated Promises/A+ implementation.

less-file Middleware for less with npm and static assets support

less-fixed The less compiler with a few features you absolutely need

linify Transform a file's line endings from `\r\n` to `\n`.

load-engine Loads npm modules on demand (providing `npm` is installed globally)

lsr Recursive readdir (`ls -R`)

make-transform Make simple string based functions into browserify transforms.

mandate Upload a directory to an S3 bucket

matches-selector Check if a DOM element matches a given selector, with decent browser support and unit tests.

menu-component Menu component

mocha-sauce Tools for running mocha tests on saucelabs

mongo-operators Structured description of MongoDB's operators

mongo-shell-methods Structured description of MongoDB's shell methods

mongod Promise based mongo driver built on mongojs

mousetrap Keyboard shortcuts component (browser)

new-stream Parse and Stringify newline separated streams (including JSON parsing if required)

nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks

npm-fetch Fetch an npm module as a tarball

object-explorer A browser module to create an extensible gui to explore objects

obliterate CLI to obliterate a directory

overlay-component Overlay component

parameter-descriptors Documentation generator for function parameters

passport-photo Provide for avatars/profile photos what passport provides for authentication

passport-photo-facebook Passport-Photo strategies for retrieving facebook profile pictures.

passport-photo-gravatar Passport-Photo strategy for retrieving gravatar profile pictures.

passport-photo-middleware Middleware to attach avatars to users in connect.

passport-raven Raven (University of Cambridge) authentication module for passport

passport-redgate A passport provider for Red Gate ID

path-to-regexp Express style path to RegExp utility

pipermail node.js utilities for reading pipermail archives such as es-discuss

pipermail-bot The esdiscuss bot

popover-component Popover component

progress-component Progress indicator component

promise Bare bones Promises/A+ implementation

promises-a A bare bones implementation of Promises/A intended to pass while being as small as possible

pull-request Fork, Commit and Pull Request via the GitHub API

qejs Asyncronous Embedded JavaScript Templates with Q

qjs Use the await keyword with Q promises to tame your async code

red-gate-coffee Coffee machines should be sentient, and with the help of a pi they can be!

regexp Regex Parser

regexplained The module for rendering diagrams on

reports A system to help build a reporting interface for your node.js website

request-logger Emit events when requests are handled or time out (useful for logging purposes)

request-shared Logic for normalizing arguments for an http request

request-sync Because sometimes you want your web requests to be synchronous

require-test Test that require works!

reveal The HTML presentation framework

rfile Require a plain text or binary file in node.js

rfileify Convert any code using rfile and derivatives so that it supports browserify

rnode Make node become really random, useful when checking you have no race conditions

ruglify 'Require' minified JavaScript as a string

run-browser The simplest way to run testling type tests in the browser

runtime-jade Just the runtime part of jade

sauce-lab Run a single test file on sauce labs. This just takes care of polling for the result.

sauce-runner Run tests for a all versions of a given browser

seed-random Generate random numbers with a seed, useful for reproducible tests

selenium-mocha run selenium tests in the browser

servestatic Build and serve a static website with support for all the consolidate-build languages.

sha Check and get file hashes

simple-queue-service Simple interface to amazon's simple queue service

simplify-2d simplify-2D is a high-performance JavaScript 2D polyline simplification library

simplify-3d simplify-3D is a high-performance JavaScript 3D polyline simplification library

simplify-base The base for a high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library

sorter A sorter control for JavaScript (just a simple SVG up down arrow).

spawn-sync Prollyfill for child_process.spawnSync

sprom Convert node.js Streams into Promises

sscc-bootstrap bootstrap code for sscc

staylive Keeps your view of an express application live by refreshing the browser when files you specify change.

stop Make a dynamic website static by downloading it.

style-component Style canvas renders using CSS

submit form upload and progress api

sudu SUDU is a sudoku solving library complete with working example app.

suggest-email Email suggestion script

supermarked Marked with syntax highlighting and ascii-math by default

tar-pack Package and un-package modules of some sort (in tar/gz bundles).

teriyaki Tolerant CSS parsing and AST transformation

test-platforms A collection of all available test platforms for SauceLabs

test-results-badge Badge for the test results of a cross browser test

testit Because the world needs a simpler testing framework

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