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4chanjs NodeJS and Browser 4chan API client

4search 4chan search CLI tool and utility library

999 Provides a comprehensive 9-9-9 plan for web applications

ar-drone A node.js client for controlling Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quad-copters.

argus Complex CLI argument parser

bank API client

benji Simple asynchronous benchmarks

BetterRegExp Utility wrapper over RegExp

blackboard Hands on lesson plan utility

boxy node.js sandbox

bro Do you even lift?

bson-ton BSON/MongoDB types for ton

CallbackRouter callback router

camera Create readable streams from connected webcams

captchagen Captcha generator

cartel-cli CLI for automatically logging in at cartel coffee shops

cidr CIDR IP operations

commando CLI Microframework

crapigee Nothing here yet

critic Nothing here yet

crudify Mongoose CRUD generator

data-file For when you just need a local file

deprecated Tool for deprecating things

dermis Simple framework

digest HTTP Digest authentication for NodeJS

djb2 djb2 hash in JS

dna2json Formats your DNA file as JSON

e Error management and utilities [![Build Status](]( The realtime engine behind Socket.IO. Provides the foundation of a bidirectional connection between client and server

enterprise Scales your enterprise to the cloud

eventrouter Routing and filtering for EventEmitter

extenze mixin microlib

faces Facial recognition

factorial returns the factorial of a number

fit .fit file parser

fixnode Fixes a bunch of shitty problems

fotio Photos

fractal Utilities/snippets

fusker Application firewall. Detect, prevent, and fight back against hackers in the lulziest ways possible

genoset-male Determines if a genome is male (GS144)

genoset-norovirus Determines if a genome is immune to norovirus (rs601338)

glob-stream File system globs as a stream

glob-watcher Watch globs

glob2base Extracts a base path from a node-glob instance

gooser Mongoose model loader

goosestrap bootstrap your mongoose

gql Query language for interpreting genome SNPs

groovr Grooveshark API Client

grunt-jaded compile jade templates with jaded

gulp The streaming build system

gulp-autowatch Sugar for reusing a paths object to watch and run gulp tasks

gulp-beautify Asset beautification using node-beautify

gulp-cached A simple in-memory file cache for gulp

gulp-coffee Compile CoffeeScript files

gulp-concat Concatenates files

gulp-jshint JSHint plugin for gulp

gulp-less Less for Gulp

gulp-util Utility functions for gulp plugins

gwan BDD-inspired testing

hackery Hacking utilities

holla An abstraction over P2P video/voice/data connections using WebRTC

holla-singly Singly authentication for holla

hookify Middleware everything

ipbind Binding for outbound sockets

jab xmpp client

jaded Collection of Jade plugins

lute static dev server

macro Macros for nodejs

meatbot Meatspace bot framework

midistream Streaming MIDI file parser

minebot Bot for minecraft

mixer Observable models

modulate namespaced module loader

mongo-ton MongoDB native types for ton

mongoose-adventure An intro to mongoose via a self-guided workshop

moxy Simple and configurable HTTP injection/intercept proxy

msi-keyboard MSI Keyboard LED Controller

native-keyboard Higher level keyboard binding for node apps

net-sim Simulate network conditions

nextback Wraps callbacks in async

no Nothing here yet

node-linq LINQ implementation

node-rayo NodeJS client for the popular Rayo protocol

node-term Node terminal

nodecast Node interface to DIAL/RAMP/ChromeCast

nodester-api A library to interact with Nodester

nodester-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

noscope noscope in the browser

pane WebKit UI for node

parsimony tokenizing parser

pinger Dead simple asynchronous ping

propagit-f cascading multi-server git deployment

protege Protege is a versatile NodeJS extension library that aims to make code as simple as possible

protosock Framework for building network protocols

provider Dependency injection framework

pulsar Events/PubSub via WebSockets

pushover-f git push deploy server over http

puzzle-box Sandboxing with call tracing and more

recorder Record video tags and media streams

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