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replace-ext Replaces a file extension with another one

rover A node.js client for controlling BrookStone Rover 2.0s

rp-compress Recursive pair compression

rzr full-stack node.js application framework

rzr-util generic utilities

seedling seed data utility for mongoose

shake Deployment tool for node

shodanapi Shodan API for node

silo Generic PubSub storage adapters

slate Barebones server with extensible middleware.

slate-haml Haml adapter for slate

slate-haml-coffee haml-coffee adapter for slate

slate-hogan Hogan.js adapter for slate

slate-jade Jade adapter for slate

slate-sass Sass adapter for slate

sleep-schedule Optimize your sleep

slice utility lib

smog HTML5/Node/WebSocket MongoDB viewer

snapi Pluggable API server

snort-filter CLI for helping to filter snort rules from files

spex BDD-inspired specifications

spex-cli spex cli test-runner

spex-util spex utils for slice

spotcrime API client for crime statistics

sprock sprock for node

startup-browser browse and clone startup framework samples

status System automation on steroids

surfer Surfboard restarter

swear Tiny and simple promises for the browser and node

tater creates annotated codeblocks

thread Threads for node

ton Typed Object Notation

trouncy Bounce HTTP requests around for a load balancer or http host router completely transparently

try-parse Try to parse different data types from strings and objects of strings

useless NodeJS framework that does everything and nothing at the same time

vein WebSocket RPC

vigilante Vigilante is an intrusion detection system (IDS) written in NodeJS

vinyl A virtual file format

vinyl-fs Vinyl adapter for the file system

warlock DSTM/Atomic transactions via WebSockets

whirlwind API client for whirlwind

wifi-location Triangulate your WiFi signal to guess geolocation

xemplar Community collection of RegEx patterns

xmlson ![status](

yerbascript Unfancy CoffeeScript

yolo Simple wrapper around v8 internals

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