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connect_auth_github Simple connect middleware to authenticate users against github oauth

connect-sts Middleware to add Strict-Transport-Security header

ep_github Authenticate users against Github on Etherpad lite

facebook Simple Facebook Integration for NodeJS (and Express)

hubot-laclasse Paste quotes from La Classe Américaine

hubot-ping-standup A hubot script to ping the team everyday for the standup meeting.

intervals Command line util for API

mercure Download files via an API.

nodetk nodetk is a set of small libraries intended to facilitate the use of nodejs.

o3-xml NodeJS library for W3C-DOM XML api with XPath and namespaces. It is based on LibXML2.

oauth2-client A library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 client (as connect middleware).

oauth2-server Node library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 server (as connect middleware).

parisjs-website The website of

recallme A micro js library to allows you to manage errors by restarting the original function.

rest-mongo A JS ORM for both server and browser providing Rest server connect middleware.

serializer JSON serializer and parser with secure.

spore Generic ReST client and server. Implementation of spore in node.

stormz Access to stormz's API

trello_baseapp Express skeleton for creating apps on top of trello.

yabble A general purpose browser-side CommonJS module loader

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