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artsholland Access the Arts Holland API

authy-node Authy API wrapper

bitminter API wrapper for

climatecounts Access API methods

directvps Unofficial DirectVPS API module

dnsimple Access the DNSimple API

epo-ops Access some basic EPO Open Patent Services

europeana Unofficial module for Europeana API

fibonacci Calculates fibonacci numbers for one or endless iterations. Using the bignum module, it can return numbers of any size! Instead of being limited by the hardcoded JavaScript Number.MAX_LIMIT.

foscam Remote control, view and config a Foscam/Tenvis IP camera

geoip2ws Unofficial module for Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services

geoipcity Lookup IP details with Maxmind GeoIP City webservice

messagebird Unofficial module for the MessageBird API.

mollie Access the Mollie API (

ns-api Unofficial module for Nederlandse Spoorwegen API

nzbmatrix Access the NZBMatrix API methods

opencorporates Unofficial module for OpenCorporates API.

openkvk Unofficial module for

osx-photostream Process new PhotoStream photos in realtime with iCloud on OSX

passdock Access PassDock API methods for iOS 6 PassBook

piwik Access a Piwik API from node.js

push-node Access the Push4 / App Notifications API (

readcsv Parse CSV file with auto format detection

requestbin API wrapper for RequestBin (

searchitunes Light module to quickly search Apple's iTunes Store for music and apps.

sparkcloud Read and control cores with node.js

tk102 Unofficial Xexun TK102 GPS server

triodos-csv Parse Triodos internet bank statements

vermist Zoek vermiste personen op

vnstat-dumpdb Wrapper for vnStat --dumpdb, with error handling and the same output structure on each system

youtube-feeds Access public YouTube API feeds, mostly with the clean JSON-C results

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