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amaca Webserver with http/https proxy to spawn applications. Using forever and for a multiprocess talking :-)

basket Couchdb layer with query like support.

behere Node framework with plugin support for easy development... more like an aggregator.

bike Class system to organize namespaces, define, create, extend, mixin, super inheritance and more

exposit Extend processes with CLI, SHELL, HTTP, REST or SOCKETS access

fingerpaint Port to rework

friend Node helper

fscloud Local and Cloud filesystem storage for node

help Help

hosty Host file manager

knows OrientDB binary client

makeit Somethibg like Grunt

nando Pre configured http module.

nando-behere-helpers ERROR: No file found!

nando-database Nado mongodb plugin

nando-plugin-list List of available plugins for Nando. Post your own.

napi Cross API platform: client / server

passport-behere ERROR: No file found!

pencil Custom tags/components for Jade. Extend, mixin and inherit.

protocolly Light weight (lazy load) Http/s, Connect, Express or SPDY

reroute (Light) Express plugin to group and reorganize middlewares

sketchbook Ide for Pencil

wikidata Access to wikidata

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