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akira toy functional language that transpiles to JavaScript

arcane Simple crypt/decrypt text tool for node

calc Simple cmd line calculator

dependency-injector Dependency Injection via function arguments

dune Little VM for node.js

fixmyjs Automatically fixes your JavaScript based on lint rules

forge insert something here

fu Tiny and functional and fast

get-parameter-names Retrieves parameter names from a function

get-scope get global and function scope

gister gist API wrapper for editing, creating and retrieving.

instabio generate instagram biographies

jshintify Stream module for linting JavaScript programs

koala-t Koala-t checks for code quality

lz Lazy functional programming

maildate Mail Date formatting

mangleify Stream module for mangling JavaScript files

markblock markdown in comments to ast or html or whatever

mustard CLI templates

nms Node Modules sync to all your computers via GitHub

siesta prototype RESTful services quickly

spaceship Algorithm for generating spaceships

testla An opinionated and lightweight testing framework

tg type checking

typedjs Dynamic type checking for JavaScript

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