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cases cases provides parameterized unit tests for Mocha.

comparejs Implementing the comparison operators eq, ne, gt, ge, lt and le in JavaScript for use with Node.js and the browser.

dockervm dockervm creates a virtual machine that is running Docker.

etherwait etherwait waits for the given network interface to be ready.

inbrowser inbrowser provides PhantomJS support for Mocha.

inform inform sends notifications using various channels.

intent.js Functional testing for Node.js and JavaScript.

isolated isolated provider one-time folders for unit tests.

node-assertthat node-assertthat provides a fluent TDD style for Node.js: assert.that(actual, is.equalTo(expected));

node-ensurethat node-ensurethat makes arguments handling a breeze.

node-force-domain is a middleware for Connect and Epxpress that redirects any requests to a default domain.

node-webserver node-webserver is a lightweight web server that supports http(s), downloads and various template engines.

nodeenv nodeenv enables tests to control the NODE_ENV variable.

tutum tutum is a wrapper around Tutum's API for Node.js.

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