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alter-ego Extensible type definitions

ambiance Ambiance editor

ambiance-command-manager Command manager for ambiance editor

ambiance-plugin-manager plugin manager for ambiance editor

ansi-font ANSI font styling utils

buffer-reduce Bufferring for reducible data

cache-reduce Caching for reducible data structures

callback-reduce Callbacks made reducible

channel CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

channeljs CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

codemirror-activine Active line highlighter addon for codemirror

codemirror-ambiance-plugin Codemirror plugin for ambiance editor

codemirror-embed CodeMirror wrapper for simple embedding

codemirror-hashare Hash based sharing plugin for codemirror

codemirror-persist Codemirror plugin for persisting buffers in a local storage

condense Utility for condensing rest arguments

core-utils Utility library for everyday javasciprt.

coreduction Library for correlative reductions

crypto JavaScript implementations of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms.

degenerate Desugared generator constructor

diffpatcher Utilities for diff-ing & patch-ing hashes

dispatcher Pattern matching for JavaScript.

doc Runtime documentation tool for REPL

dom-reduce Reducible DOM APIs

enchain Method chaining DSL builder

episcope ECMAScript scope analyzer

es5-shim ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

event Functional reactive style events

event-queue CommonJS Reactor/A for nodejs, browser and jetpack

events Node's event emitter for all engines.

eventual Abstraction for eventual values

extendables Simple and elegant inheritance in JS.

filesystem-composer Library for composing promise based filesystems.

fs-ambiance-plugin Filesystem plugin for ambiance editor

fs-reduce Reducible filesystem library

fs-streamer streamer 4 fs

functional functional javascript <3

gcli-ambiance-plugin GCLI plugin for ambiance editor

graphquire module graph builder and installer.

grep-reduce Grep for reducible sequences

guards Data type & structure checking, runtime analog of types

gum Small method chaining library

hello-world My first teleport app.

http-reduce Reducible HTTP library

http-streamer HTTP as a stream.

interactivate Interactive code editing in browser

interset Binary operations for logical sets

isoscope ECMAScript function isolation analyzer

light-traits Light traits in javascript with some syntax sugar.

match-score Utility for to calculate pattern match score

method Functional polymorphic method dispatch

micro-promise Just an essentials for working with promises

models M form MVC

name private name objects shim

namespace Library for defining namespaced properties.

node-interactivate Interactive code editing for node

normalize-reduce Utility to normalize reducibles

oops Functional <3 to rescue from OOPs

pattern-exp Utility for regexp creation out of string patterns

pending Abstraction for pending values

phantomify Browserify require in a PhantomJS

plugin-hub plugin hub

powerset Utility for creating a powerset in form of array

promised-fs Promise based filesystem API for node.

promised-traits Library that mixes traits and promises and allows writing linear to do async stuff.

promised-utils Utils for promises.

prose Extendable literate programming

protocol Protocol based polymorphism for javascript.

querystring Node's querystring module for all engines.

reducers Library for higher-order manipulation of collections

reducible High-order abstraction for reducible data structures

reflection JS reflection APIs

reflex Functional reactive UI library

repl-utils REPL utils

retape CommonJS test to tape adapter

sample Library for sampling reducibles

seducer FRP style reducible http server

selfish Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

signalize Signals in a functional reactive style

streamer Asynchronously recursive, pure function <3 via lazy streams.

streduce Adapter for making node streams reducible

styleless Yet another alternative to CSS, with variables, functions, mixins. But now it's all js.

swank-js Swank backend for Node.JS and in-browser JavaScript.

synthesize Chaining into lazy synthesize functions

system CommonJS System/1.0 for nodejs

tail-call JS tail recursion shim through trampolining

teleport CommonJS modules 1.0 loader for browsers.

teleport-dashboard Teleport dashboard

teleport-site Teleport site.

test (Un)CommonJS test runner.

transducer Library for filtering signals based on other signal behavior

tree-reduce Reducible tree walk for an arbitrary data structures

type Type utils

undefined Just require undefined & everything gonna be defined!

uses DSL to use your values as you wish.

variator Prefix based method dispatch

vice Vim mode for ace.

watchables Watchable value abstraction

wisp Homoiconic JS with clojure syntax, s-expressions & macros

zip-reduce Zip for reducible data structures

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