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bin-fs Common File System Operations

bin-getty Node Getty Replacement

bin-ifconfig Node Getty Replacement

bin-init NodeOS Init Daemon

bin-man <a href=""><img src="" width=200 height=79/></a>

bin-mount Node Getty Replacement

bin-npkg NodeOS uses NPM for package management, but the `npm` command is not sufficient for proper installation of NodeOS packages. The `npkg` command handles all OS-related package management. If you're writing a NodeJS app, you will still use the `npm` command locally.

bin-nsh Node/No Shell

bin-route Node Getty Replacement

bin-term-extras Extra terminal comands

findmynode Dynamic Service Discovery over mDNS

lib-api-init init http api

lib-checked-domain Handle typed domain exceptions

lib-cmdparse Parse a shell-style command line

lib-config Layered config file loader with interpolation

lib-http-api ## install

lib-http-rpc define client/server http rpc

lib-init job queue and init service

lib-interpolate String Interpolation

lib-job-queue sequential job queue

lib-launcher process launcher

lib-marshal marshalled object validation

lib-mkdirp Make directories recursively

lib-modinfo describe a module managed by npkg

lib-npkg-paths generate npkg paths

lib-npkg-resolve module path resolver for npkg

lib-pathcomplete path completion

lib-pathsearch Return all the files available in a series of paths.

lib-polygen Polymorphic Generator

lib-proto-job json protocol for job/task declaration

lib-route-generator generate client side routes from parameter lists

lib-route-matcher route matching

lib-schema like schemas and stuff

lib-stream-future duplex stream that can be fulfilled in the future

lib-stream-http create a duplex stream representing the http connection

lib-stream-liquify streams from objects

lib-stream-protocol > create and parse object streams from a single definition

lib-stream-series turn a sequential series of streams into a single stream

lib-stream-solidify stream to object or text

lib-stream-stringify strings to streams

lib-supervise supervise a single child process

pathchop split paths into dirname and filename

src-errno Native Wrapper for <errno.h>

src-ifaddrs Wrappers for ioctl

src-ioctl Wrappers for ioctl

src-mount Wrappers for mount

src-reboot Wrappers for reboot

src-sockios Wrappers for ioctl

src-termios Node Getty Replacement

src-unistd Node Getty Replacement

stackup Long stack traces based on async listeners

svc-init init daemon with http interface

wssh Websocket shell server and client

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