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apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-blocks Allows a column of content to be broken up into blocks with independent templates, allowing for sub-columns to alternate with a full width column for instance. Blocks can be added and removed freely.

apostrophe-blog Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-editor-2 A new content area editor for Apostrophe. Integrates ckeditor and allows the option of using other rich text editors. Alternative content area editors can also be created following the same interface.

apostrophe-events Calendar of events for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-fancy-page A superclass for modules that enhance "regular pages" in the Apostrophe CMS with custom page settings, loader functions, dispatcher, etc.

apostrophe-groups Groups for apostrophe-people, a component of the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-map Custom Google map generator for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-moderator This component creates a public-facing interface that allows users to submit instances of existing apostrophe classes to the site's database.

apostrophe-pages Adds trees of pages to the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-people Staff directories, user accounts and personal profiles for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-redirects Allows admins to create redirects within an Apostrophe site

apostrophe-rss Adds an RSS feed widget to the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-schemas Schemas for easy editing of properties in Apostrophe objects

apostrophe-sections Allows pages to contain multiple titled sections accessible via internal tabs, and permits users to add and remove sections freely.

apostrophe-site Create sites powered by the Apostrophe 2 CMS with a minimum of boilerplate code

apostrophe-snippets Reusable content snippets for the Apostrophe content management system. The blog and events modules are built on this foundation, which is also useful in and of itself.

apostrophe-twitter Adds a Twitter feed widget to Apostrophe's rich content editor

apostrophe-ui-2 Styles required for the new editor and other pre-release improvements to A2's interface. Eventually this will merge into the apostrophe module.

appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.

autheremin Authing against a DB

deva dev script

es API around the ElasticSearch RESTful API -- mostly convenience.

esindexdump command line tool to dump elasticsearch indexes

hedge Basic access authentication (basic auth) middleware

joinr Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases

logstamp Prefix log messages with a stamp

n0d3 A robot library

n0d3-client-irc An n0d3 client for IRC

n0d3-date Date plugin for n0d3

n0d3-heroku Heroku for n0d3

n0d3-ping Ping plugin for n0d3

n0d3-w2h-monitor An n0d3 plugin to monitor way to health

overnode A node.js process manager

pairtree A Pairtree library

pile A parallel middleware handler for use in concert with stack

rut Routing middleware for stack

sanitize-html Clean up user-submitted HTML, preserving whitelisted elements and whitelisted attributes on a per-element basis

scalpel A small request body parser for node

snout Snout sniffs out a directory

solr A low-level Solr client

swap Horribly simple templating

ummon The API client for ummon

ummon-cli The command line interface for ummon-server

ummon-server Ummon is a Node.js application for queuing, running, and monitoring tasks

unimate A robot

uploadfs Store files in a web-accessible location via a simplified API. Can automatically scale and rotate images. Includes both S3-based and local filesystem-based backends with the most convenient features of each. Alternate backends for both storage and image m

wavefarm Wave Farm API client library

whiskers A mustachioed templating library

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