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cclog A simple but powerful logger module. Support colors, line number, file

connect-block block agents

highlight Highlight code syntax with node.js

iform Form data validation middleware

kick sinatra style nodejs routing framework

lua node lua binding

master Cluster helper

mongodb-provider A node.js provider class for MongoDB base on node-mongodb-native

mongoskin The future layer above node-mongodb-native

myconsole replace the console object to prepend the file and line number, time, show in colors

nothing Make 0-dependencies javascript code.

qweb A very simple http route framework

rts Redis storage for timeseries data.

sendmail Sendmail without setting up SMTP server

shorten Unique shorten ID generator by redis

siege http benchmark by nodejs

slippers Confortable like wearing slippers.

smooth Smooth, throttle, queue async function parallel execution with a limitation.

smtpd a very simple SMTP server

udp-json-rpc A simple UDP-based RPC server built on Node.js for low-bandwidth IPC.

zlog A lazy log design for node.js

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