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apprunner Manage application errors and plugin modules by Harald Rudell

attachmentsaver Receives local email saving pdf attachments to Desktop. by Harald Rudell

ejsinbrowser Packages ejs templates as external javascript so they can be rendered in the browser without runtime. By Harald Rudell.

express3webfiller Sample webfiller app using express 3 by Harald Rudell

greatjson JSON.parse replacement with clearer Syntax messages providing location, expected tokens and offending text. Errors are returned, not thrown. By Harald Rudell

grunts Custom grunt tasks by Harald Rudell

haraldops Functions for operation, notification and provisioning by Harald Rudell

haraldutil App utility functions by Harald Rudell

linewise Splits a stream into lines

linkedin The absolute easies way to enable node.js for LinkedIn rest api. Includes runnable demo by Harald Rudell.

mocha2 simple, flexible, fun test framework - fork of mocha by TJ Holowaychuk <>

mochawrapper Easy testing using mocha and assert by Harald Rudell

nodegod Web interface supervising node apps with dashboard and restart on file changes and exits by Harald Rudell

tagfinder Tagfinder parses html5 markup for opening tags and their attributes by Harald Rudell

uinexpress Enables underscore templates in express 2 and 3. By Harald Rudell.

webfiller Webfiller puts data and styling into Web pages on the server and in the browser, by Harald Rudell

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