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add-keyup-events Emit custom events from an input so you can do stuff like listening for "enter" and "esc" events the same way as you would "keyup".

ampersand CLI tool for generating single page apps a. la.

ampersand-class-extend JS class extension tool for enabling easily extending prototype with multiple objects.

ampersand-collection A way to store/manage objects or models.

ampersand-collection-rest-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with restful methods.

ampersand-collection-underscore-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with underscore methods.

ampersand-model ampersand-model helps you create observable models for your apps. Most commonly in clientside frameworks, your models are what hold data fetched from your API. But really, it's all about having a way to separate concerns. Your models should be your author

ampersand-registry Global model registry for tracking instantiated models accross collections.

ampersand-rest-collection ampersand-collection with REST and Underscore mixins.

ampersand-router Clientside router with fallbacks for browsers that don't support pushState. Mostly lifted from Backbone.js.

ampersand-state An observable, extensible state object with derived watchable properties.

ampersand-subcollection Filterable, sortable, proxy of a collection that behaves like a collection.

ampersand-sync Standalone, modern-browser-only version of Backbone.Sync as Common JS module.

ampersand-view A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.

ampersand-view-switcher A utility for swapping out views inside a container element.

andbang Client for andbang api

andbang-express-auth Dead simple And Bang auth middleware.

andlog Super-simple, client-side CommonJS logging thingy

andyet-express-auth Dead simple &yet auth middleware.

array-jumper Jump forward or backward through an array by an index based on an item already in the array.

array-next Advance to the next item in the array looping when hitting the end.

att-express-auth Drop-in auth middleware for alpha-auth AT&T.

attachmediastream cross-browser way to attach a media stream to a video element.

bind-transforms Bind models properties to properly prefixed CSS transforms in backbone/humanjs views.

capsule Realtime web framework for Backbone.js and

clientconfig Simple way to pass config items from server to client

clientmodules A small util for using npm to install clientside packages.

columnizer A text formatting utility for printing nice columns in terminal output.

cookie-getter Super light, high performance clientside cookie reader. Common JS and clientmodules compatible.

delegate-events Event delegation component

domeventlogger Util for discovering events being emitted by browser apis and dom nodes

dummy-api Util for making a fake little RESTful resource in express.js.

emoji-images Replace stuff like :smiley: in text with <img> tags of a corresponding image.

events-mixin Browserify compatible fork of component/events.

express-stitch Clientside package handling with stitch for express apps.

extend-object Underscore's extend method as a standalone Common JS module.

fauxplay Browser module for playing back an array of dataURIs in an <img> tag to make it look like a video.

favicon-setter Super-simple tool for dynamically setting the favicon image on a page.

fingertips A highly configurable touch event library

fixpack cli tool that cleans up package.json files.

get-result Utility function for getting a named property from an object. If the named property is a function invoke it with the object as context and return the result, otherwise return the property.

getconfig Environment aware config reader that follows our conventions at &yet.

getscreenmedia A browser module for attempting to get access to a MediaStream of a user's screen. With a nice node-like API.

getusermedia cross-browser getUserMedia shim with node.js style error-first API.

human-model <!-- starthide --> Part of the [Human Javascript toolkit]( for building clientside applications. <!-- endhide -->

human-view A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.

human-view-switcher A utility for swapping out humanjs or backbone views inside an element.

humanjs CLI tool for generating single page apps a. la.

icanhaz Simple & powerful js templating tool

image-to-data-uri Clientside module (compatible with clientmodules) that takes an image url, downloads the image and creates a data URI for caching, etc.

loading-stats For tracking web app loading performance for single page apps.

mediastream-gain cross-browser getUserMedia shim with node.js style error-first API.

mockconsole An object with all the same methods as console in the browser. But does nothing.

moonboots A set of tools and conventions for building/serving clientside apps with node.js

moonboots_hapi Moonboots plugin that allows it to serve files using a hapi server

photograb Browser module for capturing snapshots from a video (or other compatible) element.

query-param-getter Client module for grabbing query parameters by name from the URL.

reality Simulation runner for using physics simulations in user interfaces

reformer Super customizable, Self-contained, self-rendering, self-validating forms that can only output valid data.

reformer-username Field plugin for reformer, that handles the annoying problem of username validataion in forms.

rtcpeerconnection A tiny browser module that normalizes and simplifies the API for WebRTC peer connections.

semi-static Simple, lazy way to serve a directory of semi-static pages in express.js. Handy for building quick 'static' pages inside an othewise 'dynamic' app.

shippy Client for api

simplewebrtc World's easiest webrtc

slugger Takes a string, returns a url friendly string. Works in browser and node. Dead simple.

sound-effect-manager Easy way to manage and play sound effects using HTML5 Web Audio API

statey An observable, extensible state object with derived watchable properties.

strictmodel StrictModel is meant to work as a drop-in replacement for Backbone models. In fact, it's extensively tested against the unit tests from Backbone (open test/index.html to run).

strictview A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.

system-requirements Boxed software has 'em, now the web does too.

templatizer Simple solution for compiling jade templates into vanilla JS functions for blazin' fast client-side use.

time-counter Simple time counter tracker

transform-style Apply transform style property with proper prefix to an element. For use with browserify / CommonJS.

translatez-hack Apply the translateZ hack in a cross-browser way. For use with browserify / CommonJS.

tryit Module to wrap try-catch for better performance and cleaner API.

video-recorder Experimental browser module for recording the contents of a <video> tag.

wake-event Detection for computer waking up from sleep.

webrtc WebRTC abstraction for making it simple to manage multiple peer connections of various types.

webrtc.js World's easiest webrtc

webrtcsupport Browser module to detect support for webrtc and extract proper constructors.

wildemitter A super lightweight EventEmitter similar to what comes in Node.js, but with a support for wildcard events '*' and grouped handlers

yetify A way to make terminal output all &yet-ified

zepto-detect The detect portion of zepto.js structured for use with browserify.

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