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bassmaster Batch processing plugin for hapi

boom HTTP-friendly error objects

catbox Multi-strategy object caching service

catbox-memory Memory adapter for catbox

catbox-mongodb MongoDB adapter for catbox

catbox-redis Redis adapter for catbox

confidence Configuration API

crumb CSRF crumb generation and validation plugin

cryptiles General purpose crypto utilities

faketoe XML to JSON converter

fireworks NodeConf July 4th Fireworks Show

flod Node.js Web Framework benchmarking tool

furball Plugin utilities and endpoints

good Server and process monitoring plugin

hapi HTTP Server framework

hapi-auth-basic Basic authentication plugin

hapi-auth-cookie Cookie authentication plugin

hapi-auth-hawk Hawk authentication plugin

hapi-helmet Interactive debug console for hapi

hapi-log hapi process monitoring

hapi-plugin-test Test plugin

hawk HTTP Hawk Authentication Scheme

hoek General purpose node utilities

iron Encapsulated tokens (encrypted and mac'ed objects)

joi Object schema validation

joi-v1 Object schema validation

lab Test utility

lout API documentation generator plugin for hapi

mac HTTP MAC Authentication Scheme (client and server)

nipple HTTP Client Utilities

oz Web Authorization Protocol

poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception

postmile Collaborative list making server

postmile-api Collaborative list making server API

postmile-web Collaborative list making server web controller

reptile Plugin for creating a REPL

scarecrow Oz authentication plugin

scooter User-agent information plugin for hapi

shot Injects a fake HTTP request/response into a node HTTP server

sntp SNTP Client

squatting Sorry, saving for a friend

topo Topological sorting with grouping support

travelogue hapi passport.js integration helper

tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi

yar Cookie jar plugin

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