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kss NodeJS port of kss: A methodology for documenting CSS and generating styleguides

level-inc Increment leveldb keys

level-key-list Command-line tool for quickly printing a list of keys in a leveldb database

level-updater Pseudo-atomic updates for levelup

likegate Small server-side validation/info for Facebook canvas apps.

loading-bar A quick-and-dirty loading bar for use in your larger demos

lsb Hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array/image

lut Render RGB lookup tables to a canvas

map-limit async.mapLimit's functionality available as a standalone npm module

markdown-tree Convert a markdown document into a JSON tree structure.

matcap GLSL shaders for calculating/rendering Spherical Environment Maps, or "matcaps"

mesh-normals Given a list of vertices and faces, generate the normals for a triangle mesh.

mod-loop A workaround for using negative numbers with JS's modulo operator

moore Generates Moore neighborhoods of any range/dimension

ndarray-canvas Render an ndarray to a canvas

ndarray-continuous Create continuous "chunked" grids/volumes with ndarrays

ndarray-group Wraps a group of ndarrays into a single virtual ndarray

ndarray-json Serialize/deserialize ndarrays to and from JSON

ndarray-text Takes a 2D ndarray, and converts it to a legible string.

node-simple-cache Simple caching for Node. Like, really simple.

npm-flat-graph Given a list of modules, recursively retrieve their dependency graph and generate a flat list of each module's dependencies

npm-metadata-raw Retrieve the metadata for every package on NPM and store it in a level* database

npm-stats Convenience module for getting back data from an NPM registry

object-pool An object pool for recycling objects without as much boilerplate

oblige Tiny task-based module for whipping up "hookable" build scripts

on-first Attach an EventEmitter listener that emits before all other existing listeners

opaque Detect if an image or canvas has any transparent pixels.

osx-background Get and set your OSX desktop background image programmatically

paramedic A simple health monitor server for running health checks periodically.

path-sort Sort a list of file/directory paths

plucker Pluck nested properties from an object

pointer-trap Trap the user's cursor within an element for nicer game controls.

polyscript Write JavaScript in your JavaScript

pong Pong in your terminal. Why not?

post-process A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to images, videos and canvas elements

pp-now Quick setup for single-pass GLSL post-processing with gl-now

preload Load images, scripts and CSS with XHR progress events where supported

prototype-emitter Define EventEmitter listeners on a class instead of each individual instance

quick-normal-map Quickly generates a normal map based on a 2D heightmap

quick-tmp Quickly and synchronously retrieve a temporary directory name for you to use

read-bulk Read a number of files in bulk, asynchronously

reductionist A "reduce" method for streaming data

remove-catch-require Transform stream to remove require calls from inside a catch{} statement

remove-element Removes an element from the DOM

remove-try-require Transform stream to remove require calls from inside a try{} statement

renders A local development server for fragment shaders inspired by beefy and GLSL Sandbox. Works out of the box with glslify too!

replace-method JavaScript post-processing step to replace specific function/method calls with other bits of JavaScript

require-key A browserify transform that inlines required values from JSON files

requiremap A browserify transform stream for aliasing require statements.

reqursive Take a file and recursively discover all the files loaded in using `require()`.

resize-logic Determines the correct dimensions for resizing and cropping images, without being attached to any particular tool

rgb-pack Packs integer values from a 2D ndarray into an RGB one for storing as compressed images

right-now Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser

s3-sync A streaming upload tool for Amazon S3

s3-write-stream Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice

scat Pipe your javascripts straight into your browser

script-injector-sync Inject JavaScript into HTML, synchronously

script-load Given a URL, asynchronously load a script in the browser.

shallow-equals Determine if an array or object is equivalent with another, *not* recursively

sheetify A module bundler for CSS that works with [npm]( modules like [browserify]( does – including sourcemap support!

shuffler Allows you to swap around the order of a function's arguments by index.

simple-cache Simple caching for Node. Like, really simple.

sleuth Discover the variable names chosen for each of a file's top-level required modules

sort-dom Sort a DOM node's children

soundcloud-badge A SoundCloud 'now-playing' badge that you can just drop into browserify demos

soundcloud-resolve Takes a SoundCloud URL and retrieves the relevant JSON data for that resource from the SoundCloud API

special-html Convert special UTF-8 characters in a string to their HTML escape code equivalents.

sshconf-stream Magic-free streaming SSH config parser/stringifier

sshconf-upsert Upsert hosts into ~/.ssh/config file(s)

stability-badges A set of SVG badges to mark your modules with the Node stability index

stanford-dragon The Stanford Dragon

stopmotion Combine multiple image buffer frames into a video file

style-deps Traverse the dependency graph of a CSS project using npm-style import statements

style-resolve A wrapper for the "resolve" module that targets CSS instead of JavaScript

subshell Boot an interactive subshell from node. Useful for custom command-line environments.

svg-line Generate SVG paths for a line, d3-style

svg-path-parser A parser for SVG's path syntax

svgify A browserify transform for requiring SVG files to embed directly in your code.

tab64 Encode/decode typed arrays (e.g. Float32Array, Uint8Array) to and from base64 strings.

talkie A small module for handling animation frames in smaller, stackable pieces

three-copyshader Browserify-friendly version of `THREE.CopyShader`

three-effectcomposer @alteredq's EffectComposer plugin for three.js ported for use with Browserify

ticker A module for running animation and game loops with browserify.

timber A lean logging module, in the form of an `EventEmitter` with an identical API to `console`.

topdown-physics Basic, grid-based, 2D top-down player physics for continuous ndarrays

transform-stack Add/remove individual transformations from a CSS transform style

triangle-normal Get the normal vector of a 3D triangle

trickle Slows incoming stream data to specific intervals

tweakable Streamable UI elements for adjusting metrics when debugging interactives/visualisations/etc.

uglifyify A browserify transform which minifies your code using UglifyJS2

unhtml Turn HTML-escaped characters and tags back into plain text.

unindex-mesh Takes a list of vertices and faces, giving you back an array of individual triangles.

vectors A grab bag of vector utility functions for 2D and 3D vectors that operate on plain arrays

vinyl-buffer Convert streaming vinyl files to use buffers

vinyl-map Map vinyl files' contents as strings, so you can easily use existing code without needing yet another gulp plugin!

vinyl-source-stream Use conventional text streams at the start of your gulp or vinyl pipelines

vinyl-transform Use standard text transform streams to write fewer gulp plugins

visibility A little browserify-able shim/wrapper for the Page Visibility API

voxel-colorist Colour grading post-processing shader for voxel.js

voxel-gamepad Adds gamepad support for voxel.js using the HTML5 Gamepad API

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