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abif An ABIF parser

antigravity placeholder for the haters

counterman-client Simple wrapper to talk to counterman

find-deps Little helper tool for printing the name and latest version of all modules your code needs.

forro WTForms style form validataion for node.js

gulp-juice process html files through juice to inline CSS

gulp-sterno-manifest generate a sterno manifest when deploying your app

lone Turn node.js apps into standalone executables.

magneto A DynamoDB backend in node for testing

mambo The best document mapper for DynamoDB.

mongodb-ns Hoisted `namespace_string` logic from mongo kernel source.

mongodb-rest-proxy Tiny http proxy for mongodb's built-in rest api that adds nice things.

mongodmon Run mongod under a forked forever-monitor

mongolog Helpers for parsing MongoDB logs

mott A build tool for writing awesome multiplatform apps in Javascript and HTML

nurse Standardized health check

plata A client interface to various AWS services.

plog Some helpers around winston for managing logs across an entire app / set of libraries easy like in python.

regret organize regexes for your app, non-shittily

respirator Watch keys in redis. Send a pubsub message when they expire or go away.

salsa Tooling helper to boostrap projects

salsify Like celery for node.js.

ssh-client A simple SSH client for node.

sterno When app cache works right, this wont be neccessary any more.

stor yolo to storing things in the browser

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