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aeternum A process monitor in libuv

alcatraz A high-security prison for your application code

api-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against RESTful APIs.

asana-api A nodejs client implementation for Asana API

assign Map/Reduce promise like returned API -- Really not way to properly describe this module..

baton An orchestration tool powered by conservatory

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

blacksmith A static site generator built with Node.js, JSDOM, and Weld.

blacksmith-sites A collection of starter blacksmith sites

broadway Lightweight application extensibility and composition with a twist of feature reflection.

cfp-github-importer Import a CFP into Github issues for review.

cfp-rejector A simple script to calculate what emails need to be contacted for CFP rejection. Ultra sad!

changes A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support

checkout Pull down local or remote repositories to local directories.

cli-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against CLI tools.

cliff Your CLI formatting friend.

cloudfiles A client implementation for Rackspace CloudFiles in node.js

cloudservers A client implementation for Rackspace CloudServers in node.js

composer-api composer API client wrapper

conservatory-api conservatory API client wrapper

containerization Front-end code containization through iframes

cradle the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

create-servers Create an http AND/OR an https server and call the same request handler.

daemon Add-on for creating *nix daemons

director A client Side/Server Side Router

errs Simple error creation and passing utilities

extract-github Extract the Github project / repository URL from a given object

eyes a customizable value inspector

fgnpmr For those special times when replicating npm just won't cut it

flatiron An elegant blend of convention and configuration for building apps in Node.js and the browser

flatiron-cli-config Encapsulated commands for managing configuration in flatiron CLI apps

flatiron-cli-users Encapsulated commands for managing users in flatiron CLI apps

flatiron-http-users Encapsulated routes and resources for managing users in flatiron HTTP apps

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-monitor Core forever process monitor

formful Reflect HTML forms from [Resourceful]( resources.

fortress Fortress is designed for the defense of client side applications.

forza A lightweight agent for Godot

frameless a tiny framework to write command line programs

frames Frames allows you to create pre-configured iframes. While providing a common interface to interact with the iframe's contents.

fusing Prototype fusion

githulk Small but powerful Github client

godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor written in node.js

haibu A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

haibu-api A collection of client wrappers for haibu's core api

haibu-carapace Haibu Drone's Little Shell emit arbitrary events with arbitrary data on specified time intervals a simple simple hook for a simple Hook for sending emails a simple Hook for making outgoing http requests

http-agent A simple agent for performing a sequence of http requests in node.js

http-proxy HTTP proxying for the masses

http-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server

jitsu Flawless command line deployment of Node.js apps to the cloud

journey liberal JSON-only HTTP request routing for node

kyuri a cucumber implementation with a few extra asynchronous keywords. supports 160+ languages and exports to VowsJS stubs

licenses A small tool that detects licensing information for a given Node.js module

loggly A client implementation for Loggly cloud Logging-as-a-Service API

mana mana potion

mock-request A simple testing tool for mocking HTTP sequences of request / response pairs in node.js

module-foundry A web service for building node.js modules that runs on Linux, SmartOS and Windows.

module-smith Build Bot for Node JS

multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

multimeter-stack render multiple progress bars (and stacks) at once on the terminal

mustache-ref Logic-less {{mustache}} templates with JavaScript with key references

nconf Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.

nconf-redis A Redis store for nconf

neuron The simplest possible event driven job manager, FIFO queue, and 'task based cache' in node.js

nexpect Spawns and interacts with child processes using spawn / expect commands

node-static simple, compliant file streaming module for node

nodejitsu-api nodejitsu API client wrapper

nodejitsu-handbook A gentle introduction to the art of nodejitsu

nodejitsu-npm a simple utility to setup your nodejitsu private npm!

nodejs-intro My introduction presentation to node.js along with sample code at various stages of building a simple RESTful web service with journey, cradle, winston, optimist, and http-console.

npm-pkg-top Lists the top packages by npm stars, github stars, and depended upon

npm-registry An high available npm registry client

npmcount Silly program that counts number of npm packages from one or more users

nssocket An elegant way to define lightweight protocols on-top of TCP/TLS sockets in node.js

objs A complete set of utilities for working with Objects.

pagelet pagelet

parsifal A pure JavaScript port of jQuery's .val() method.

paynode Module for integrating with various payment gateways

persistent-ghost Wrapper to deploy the Ghost blog on Nodejitsu

picasso Feather weight CLI tool for synching Github issue labels across repos.

pipe.js The client-side library which is used in BigPipe to orchestrate the pagelets.

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

pkgcloud-bootstrapper `pkgcloud.compute.Bootstrapper` extracted into its own module

pkginfo An easy way to expose properties on a module from a package.json

pma Package manager abstractor

portfinder A simple tool to find an open port on the current machine

predefine Predefine your Object.defineProperties to create a more human readable API.

procfile A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

prompt A beautiful command-line prompt for node.js

ps-tree get all children of a pid

quill-cli Flawless configuration of your cloud

quill-composer A configuration management and package management server that supports OS and infrastructure opacity.

quill-tar Utility functions for packing and unpacking quill `system` tarballs

quill-template Reusable templating and environment logic for applying configuration to system.json packages.

renderme Render README files from github

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