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abbrev Like ruby's abbrev module, but in js

async-cache Cache your async lookups and don't fetch the same thing more than necessary.

bench A little utility for doing side-by-side benchmarks in nodejs

block-stream a stream of blocks

canonical-host Redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.

chmodr like `chmod -R`

chownr like `chown -R`

cluster-callresp A call-and-response message passing system for node's cluster builtin

cluster-master A helper script for managing a cluster of node worker servers


core-util-is The `*` functions introduced in Node v0.12.

couch-login A module for doing logged-in requests to a couchdb server

couch-readonly-replica A service to keep a read-only CouchDB replica up to date

couchdb-log-parse A program for parsing CouchDB logs

csrf-lite csrf protection for framework-less node sites

cuttlefish A simple lowlevel synchronizing library for Joyent Manta.

domain-http-server A module for attaching domains to request and response objects

duplex-passthrough like a passthrough, but in both directions

eliza The classic Eliza

emcee A bridge between the M and C bits of MVC

error-page Easily send errors in Node.js HTTP servers. Think like the `ErrorDocument` declarations in Apache config files.

fast-list A fast linked list (good for queues, stacks, etc.)

filewatcherthing a thing to watch a file and then run a command

fstream Advanced file system stream things

fstream-ignore A thing for ignoring files based on globs

fstream-npm fstream class for creating npm packages

ghlink Turn stuff like `isaacs/npm#1234` into ``, for your hyperlinking pleasure.

gist-cli A gist cli client written in Node

github-flavored-markdown The port of Showdown used on

glob a little globber

graceful-fs A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.

gyp-reader A gyp file reader for node

hardhttps Make an https server that is more resistant to client-initiated renegotiations, and other common security mistakes.

hexedit Hexadecimal Editor

http-agent A simple agent for performing a sequence of http requests in node.js

http-https A wrapper that chooses http or https for requests

inherits Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()

ini An ini encoder/decoder for node

init-package-json A node module to get your node module started

irssi-questions A filter stream to pull out the questions from an irssi log file

json-stringify-safe Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't blow up on circular refs

lockfile A very polite lock file utility, which endeavors to not litter, and to wait patiently for others.

lru-cache A cache object that deletes the least-recently-used items.

lylog Syslog proxy that receives syslogs from Fastly, and sends them to Logly.

manta-client Easy way to create a client for Manta Node programs

mcouch Put your CouchDB in Manta, attachments and docs and all

minimatch a glob matcher in javascript

multi-fs A client for doing FS operations in multiple places in sync.

mute-stream Bytes go in, but they don't come out (when muted).

nave Virtual Environments for Node

node-strict Make your Node programs strict about stuff

noexit Makes `process.exit` a deprecated no-op.

nopt Option parsing for Node, supporting types, shorthands, etc. Used by npm.

nosync Prevent *Sync functions from being run after the first tick

npm A package manager for node

npm-cache-dir I am checking and creating npm's cache dir

npm-docsite A website that serves the docs of npm packages.

npm-fullfat-registry Make a registry with all attachments intact

npm-install-checks checks that npm runs during the installation of a module

npm-registry-client Client for the npm registry

npm-registry-couchapp The CouchApp implementation of an npm registry

npm-registry-readme-trim Trim the `readme` fields on npm registry document objects.

npm-skim-registry Move attachments into Manta and out of the registry

npm-www website for npm

npmconf The config thing npm uses The registry couchapp

npmlog logger for npm

once Run a function exactly one time

osenv Look up environment settings specific to different operating systems

parse-json-response Gather up a JSON response from a server, and call the cb

pingme Super simple HTTP server that can be easily pinged so that Nagios et al can know your stuff's healthy.

promzard prompting wizardly

proto-list A utility for managing a prototype chain

read read(1) for node programs

read-installed Read all the installed packages in a folder, and return a tree structure with all the data.

read-package-json The thing npm uses to read package.json files with semantics and defaults and validation

readable-stream Streams2, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10.x

redsess Yet another redis session thing for node

rimraf A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)

sax An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript


semver The semantic version parser used by npm.

seq-file A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds.

server-destroy Enable destroying a server, and all currently open connections.

sigmund Quick and dirty signatures for Objects.

simple-protocol A very simple json-header-and-body protocol

slide A flow control lib small enough to fit on in a slide presentation. Derived live at Oak.JS

sodn Self-organizing dnode network

srand srand bindings for node - Seedable predictable pseudorandom number generator

ssh-key-decrypt Decrypt encrypted ssh private keys

st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.

stream-multiplexer Pipe one stream in, many streams out. Goes as slow as the slowest writer.

streams2 Wrap a 0.8 stream into a streams2 stream

tako-cookies A cookie middleware for tako

tako-session-token session tokens for tako

tap A Test-Anything-Protocol library

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