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argg A poor man's test runner for tap, tape, or similar, that also can be used with istanbul. It's just three lines of code to require all globs or pathnames provided as command line arguments.

bbjshint Run JSLint on BBEdit's frontmost text document.

bbjslint Run JSHint on frontmost text document in BBEdit.

bbresults Library to make BBEdit display a results browser, given some data for a file containing line and reason pointers.

byway yet another router; match a string by :sinatra/:express style named-params, or regex, and get something back.

git-heads Summarize `git branch -av` in a table, and see local and remote branch HEADs.

hashsome Get a crypto hash (md5, sha, etc.) for some files matching a pattern in a directory, or a group of directories.

locator gives semantic meaning to filesystem paths

locator-handlebars Handlebars template compiler for locator

locator-micro Micro template compiler for locator

mojito Mojito provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster.

mojito-cli The mojito-cli package provides command line helpers for Mojito developers.

mojito-cli-build mojito-build ==========

mojito-cli-create Subcommand for mojito-cli to create mojito scaffolding/boilerplate.

mojito-cli-doc Provide the `doc` command, to generate API docs, for `mojito-cli`

mojito-cli-gv Provides the `gv` command for use with `mojito-cli`. Visualizes YUI module dependencies in Mojito applications.

mojito-cli-jslint Provide the jslint command for mojito-cli

mojito-cli-profiler Provides the `profiler` command for the `mojito-cli` tool.

mojito-cli-start Provide the `start` command, to stand up a node.js server running a mojito application, for the mojito-cli.

mojito-cli-test mojito-cli-test ===============

relnote format `git log` into something like a release announcement if commit log messages follow a particular convention.

scanfs A small library that does a breadth-first walk of the file system, and emits (customizable) events on the way.

ycb YCB is a multi-dimensional configuration library that builds bundles from resource files describing a variety of values.

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