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com.izaakschroeder.async-array A simple asynchronous array. A file based resource fetcher.

com.izaakschroeder.dom A simple implementation of the DOM.

com.izaakschroeder.elasticsearch A simple client for ElasticSearch.

com.izaakschroeder.log A simple logging system.

com.izaakschroeder.log.console A console based logging plugin.

com.izaakschroeder.presto A simple web framework for node.js. Make secure tokens.

com.izaakschroeder.trueskill TrueSkill compatible ranking system.

com.izaakschroeder.uuid UUID generator.

com.izaakschroeder.validator A simple input validation framework.

cutie Dangerously attractive queues for Redis or MongoDB.

graphicsmagick Bindings to the graphicsmagick library.

xl Bindings to libxenlight.

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