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apprentice [Experimental] web library that adds some sugar to routing

bam The Easiest Static Site Generator on the Planet!

cloudq Cloud Message Queue Server (using CouchDb) NewRelic enabled

cloudq-client A Worker Module that can connect to any cloudq service.

cloudq-consumer A CloudQ Consumer Api to make it easier to implement NodeWorkers

coffeecup-helpers A coffeecup module of html helpers

creamer A flatiron plugin for dynamic coffeecup templates

csv2json Stream CSV to JSON

csvjs A csv parser for nodejs

cupcake Quick Coffee-Script Web App Template Generator

easybake A command line application that will pull a Cakefile template with all the defaults pre baked into the Cakefile.

easyboot pulls down and unzips the latest bootstrap

flatiron-handlers Response http status handlers

fortknox An Enhancement Wrapper around knox the AWS s3 module

frack Redis Console Chat Application

freeway Reverse Proxy Server

get-post Command Line Tools for transfering data via http with url syntax

http-time A streaming time log library to capture/log the time of an http request.

jade.plugin A flatiron plugin for jade

kramer Converts Javascript Objects to Xml

linchpin Indispensable fastener for building loosely coupled applications

mrclean A Simple HTML Sanitizer

prop Functional property method

qmeme A module that provides a wrapper around quick meme api and certain phrases

thug-redis A set of redis methods for thug models

yak A functional invoke method

zeke a plug-able coffeescript template generator

zeke-bam A set of macros for building bam web-sites

zeke-bootstrap Bootstrap Helpers for Zeke

zeke-markdown A plugin for zeke to provide github style markdown

zeke-request A plugin for zeke to provide request

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